Webinars on the 26th August

Update on events on the 26th August.

One for Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and one for Family Group Conference Facilitators.

Family Group Conferencing

This webinar is for members and students and will provide an opportunity for a bit of role play practice and discussion on coming up with bottom lines and helping families with their plan. 

Please register so we can provide you with the scenarios in advance. 


Family Dispute Resolution Webinar

This webinar is a repeat of one we held earlier in the month providing an evening session to look at the final part of the FDR Property process – documenting agreements reached and understanding what is needed by the clients lawyer (or clients if using the do-it-yourself process) to make Consent Order applications. 

Fiona Kirkman from FamilyProperty will be co-facilitating with Joanne to provide the perspective of a Lawyer FDRP and insights into how the FamilyProperty software she has developed with her team assists with the process of documenting mediated outcomes. 


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Webinars on the 26th August

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