We might have a bit of fun with a NLP Language drill this week using a reframing process called Sleight of Mouth.

These examples are taken from www.sleightofmouth.org but if you want to send in some statements that have stumped you in mediation we can play with them using the different patterns.

Here’s a sampling of the complete Sleight of Mouth patterns:

Let’s say you’ve come into work late several times and your boss calls you in and growls,

“You’re being late shows you don’t care about the job.”

There are 14 different responses you can use:

  1. Reality strategy: How do you know lateness and caring are the same thing?
  2. Model of the world: Some people believe caring is shown by quality of the job done and the results obtained.
  3. Counter example: We all know people who are always on time and yet are goof-offs once they get here.
  4. Intent: My intention is not to be late or uncaring but to give you the best quality time and highest productivity while I’m here
  5. Redefine: I wasn’t late, I was delayed in traffic
  6. Chunking up: Are you saying the most important aspect of my job is showing up on time?
  7. Chunking down: How specifically are lateness and not caring the same thing?
  8. Metaphor or analogy: If a surgeon is late for dinner because he is saving a life, does that mean he doesn’t care about his wife’s cooking?
  9. Another outcome: The real question isn’t whether I’m late or I’m caring. The real question is how much I’m producing for the company.
  10. Consequence: If I wasn’t late I wouldn’t have been able to close the sale while I was at a breakfast meeting.
  11. Higherachy of Criteria: Isn’t it more important to focus on how much the person gives while on the job rather than punctuality?
  12. Apply to self: Gosh, I wish you’d cared enough about me to tell me this sooner.
  13. Changing frame size: Over time, you’ll see I brought in more business in a timely fashion for the company than all of the people who showed up to work on time.
  14. Meta frame: Lots of progressive companies are working with flex time for their high producers. I thought you were a forward thinking manager.

So make sure you’ve got your thinking caps on the 4th of July and we’ll have some fun with language patterns.

Joanne is a NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer and will take the lead on the session but hopefully other of our NLP trained students and graduates will come along to play as well.

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