Video Meeting Facilitation Tutorial

Video Meeting Facilitation Tutorial January 2020

We have our first tutorial webinar tomorrow 14th January.

The tutorial is an opportunity to ask any techy questions that you have about video meetings (or other learning technology that we use)

We are planning on a different format for our webinars in 2020. A 30 minute prepared presentation on some aspect of the topic followed by up to 30 minutes Q & A.

If you can’t make it live to a webinar but have a question about the topic it is important to send it in before the event. We will address any questions pre-submitted as part of the 30 minute tutorial which will be recorded. The free form Q & A will not be recorded.

Book in to attend tomorrows or future tech focused tutorials and webinars through the link on the Calendar

We will run this session once a month on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

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Video Meeting Facilitation Tutorial January 2020

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