If you are interested in transformative mediation you may be interested in watching this webinar hosted by the Virtual Mediation Lab.

A Transformative Parenting Mediation Model with Wayne Plenert – 1-Hour Webinar and Video – April 25, 2017


Wayne Plenert is a retired lawyer who mediates, now as a mentor, and who teaches mediation and interpersonal conflict (family dynamics). He obtained his Masters of Law (ADR) in 2002. Since then he has looked for ways in which the theories of ADR can be implemented in practice. Also, he has been active in mediation development in British Columbia. He was president of the BC Mediator Roster Society when it merged as a founding partner of Mediate BC Society. He was very involved in Mediate BC’s Roster Committee, and with efforts at designing and improving ADR programs.

At present, he is leading the “Northern Navigator” project, a pilot family assessment/probable mediation program in the Peace River Provincial Courts of northeastern British Columbia. He enjoys his garden railway, his wife’s garden, a small Anabaptist church in Dawson Creek BC, and he loves the mediation community.


This webinar was intended for parenting mediators who are looking for connections between practice and theory. They learned how to:

  • Explore how children are players (forming a conflict triangle) in the dysfunctional relationship of separated parents.
  • Examine how there can no truce until this triangle is recognized and addressed.
  • Consider how the presenting conflicts of the parents are opportunities for developing this truce and then building a model by which children can thrive in their separated environment (taken from John Paul Lederach’s Transformative Conflict approach).

The Transformative Parenting Mediation Model recognizes the identity of the players; the need for developing trust and a new form of relationship; all on a platform based on Isolina Ricci’s Mom’s House, Dad’s House model. You will walk through the steps that Wayne Plenert has developed in applying this approach and that are set out in his paper (in pdf format) A Transformative Parenting Model


  • Introducing a new and different model of parenting mediation in which mediators can guide parents from a place of dysfunction to a truce, and then where they are interested, to where their children can thrive and can get the best that each parent has to offer.
  • Outlining for mediators why parenting after separation so often fails to find a path to this outcome.
  • Providing some theories and practical guidance on how mediators can approach these concerns and opportunities.
  • A post-webinar discussion on how much mediators should guide or direct parties in their approaches to parenting differences and difficulties.


View or print Wayne Plenert’s presentation (in Pdf format)

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