I’m working on the new course and have just created this flow chart to try and show the referrals process for FDR a bit more clearly.

Inadmissibility is the major consideration you need to make when doing referrals. Communications with you (once you are accredited) are automatically inadmissible unless in the very rare situation that you are the only person with evidence of child abuse.

  • Communications between a client and their lawyer are also generally inadmissible so there is no need to get any form of referral form or even documented evidence of permission if they ask you to communicate with their lawyer. Verbal permission would be fine.
  • Communications with counselors and psychologists are usually fair game for lawyers and if the clients end up in court the other side may seek to use counselling or other help that they seek to resolve issues they have against them. A referral from you makes what happened during the provision of services by people you have referred inadmissible. Last night it was highlighted by one of our lawyer students that this is not common knowledge and should be something you highlight when forming referral relationships with your local lawyers. It protects their clients if referrals are made by a FDRP. 
  • Mandatory reports are not inadmissible and it is up to the agency that you contact to investigate and their decisions are admissible in court. It is a judgment call whether or not you tell the client that you will be making a report based on whether that information will increase the risk for the person who is being harmed or at risk of being harmed.

Role Plays

  • We have our second role player for Saturday’s Property Role Play. Thanks Dawny.
  • We are still looking for a second role player for Gill for her parenting role play at 12.30 on Monday.
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  • All good for Wednesday
  • No role players yet for Saturday 2nd July (Property)

Just follow the links in the course calendar if you want to come along and play.

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