Training Update: March 2021

Final FGC Workshop for 2020

Message from Joanne,

February was a funny month and not the normal start to the year we’re all used to.

Hopefully with the COVID vaccine starting to roll out and hotel quarantine well and truly under the spotlight we can look forward to things slowly returning to normal.  And with it the normal workplace and other disputes that have been somewhat on hold as job security rather than job satisfaction have been front of mind for many.

I’m in Melbourne which has been the hardest and longest hit by COVID lockdowns. Hopefully we’e experienced our last.

As a result of the disruption that many of you have experience we have by far too many students who have been with us too long. We love you but want you out there working as mediators not with us as students unless you want to enrol in another course of course!  If you missed it this post is about setting and achieving your learning goals.

Recent Graduates

We are back and it is great to see the graduates coming through.

Remember that participating as a role player is VERY valuable as is observing while using the assessment tool to focus your attention. 

NMAS Graduates

Congratulations to our NMAS Training and Assessment Graduates over the past two months.

  • Carolyn Wright – VIC
  • Rebecca Klimek – WA
  • Chantelle Metcalfe – WA
  • Jade Schultz – VIC
  • Jagdeep Bhatia – WA,
  • Sue Adams – QLD
  • Karolien Van Ark – WA
  • Belinda Wlliams – NSW
  • Matthias (Matt) Foo – WA
  • Monique Andreatta – ACT
  • Rebecca Clancy – NSW
  • Jay Williams – WA
  • Clare Carnell – ACT

Reminder to those of you who have just finished that you need to apply for NMAS Accreditation within 6 months of the date on your certificate of assessment. You now need an ABN to apply for Professional Indemnity Insurance with many insurers.

This article explains more including how to apply for an ABN.

FDR Graduates 

No Graduates from our FDR course in January  or February but we do have a few who are on the final stages of their courses and work placements. CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Qualification

FGC Graduates

  • Lucinda Hopkins – NSW
  • Katie McLean – NSW
  • Angelique Sasagi – NSW,
  • Damien Rotumah – NSW
  • Matt Wegert – NSW
We have our next online workshop coming up in late Feb / March so if you are interested in doing this training make sure you register soon.
Family Group Conference Facilitator Certificate Course.

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FDR Students Update

  • We were delighted to welcome Tsitsi, Tatiana, Nicholas, Tracy, Tarryn, Kate, Rebecca and Sian onto the course so far this year.  We look forward to seeing all of you soon as role players. Remember that role playing while completing the theory assessment tasks is the best way to learn.

We were also delighted to welcome Joanne Croxton to the training team.   Joanne is a FDR Practitioner (trained with Mediation Institute) and Child Inclusive Practitioner (trained with Jennifer McIntosh) and will be participating in and mentoring our Child Inclusive Role Plays.  The recording for the recent Demo role play Joanne Croxton (CIP) and Joanne Law (FDRP) did is located in Module 2 on the Demo Role Plays Page – FDR Students.

Feb Tutorials:

Check out the March Tutorials we have scheduled.

Nmas Membership

NMAS Students Update

  • We were delighted to welcome Carol, Dorit, Luke, Waheeda, Justin and Michelle in the last couple of months.
The training and assessment team caught up for an alignment meeting on the 28th February to make sure we are preparing our students as well as we can for the NMAS Assessment and beyond that for your work as NMAS Mediators.  We’ll be implementing our plans over the next month or so. 
Remember you have an opportunity every Tuesday for a Q & A session to discuss anything relevant to your course, mediation or even working as a mediator.  You do need to register for us to run these sessions.
You can find the link on the calendar on our website or go straight to the booking calendar.
Family Group Conference Facilitator Membership

FGC Students Update

  • We were delighted to welcome Brooke, Tara, Monique, Amy, Michael, Maha, Gil, Martin, Ebru, Emrah, Deb, Shona, Shantelle, Sophia and Cheryl to our FGC course.
We hope you enjoyed the first of the three online workshops with our expert trainer, Eve Clare last Friday and are looking forward to the next two sessions.
We have set the dates for the next workshops and put them on the website.
Indigenous FGC Facilitators and Mediators
We are working with some of our indigenous members to create a special support group for members who identify as indigenous and also to provide a platform for these members to educate the wider membership and wider community about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues and wisdom.
There is a lot for mediators to learn  from the narrative approach to dispute resolution that was and continues to be practiced by indigenous Australians.


Other Courses

We are starting to get too many professional development and specialist courses to do an update for each one. We’re working on a plan so stay tuned for next month.

  • Nmas Mediator Accreditation Course
  • Family Group Conferencing Training
    Certificate Courses

    Family Group Conferencing Training

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  • New Ways For Families Coach Training
  • Property Fdr Certificate Course
    Certificate Courses

    Property FDR Certificate Course

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Training Update: March 2021

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