Training Update: July 2020

Welcome and Congratulations

It looks like a lot of people are putting the extra time on your hands to good use and enrolling in training with Mediation Institute.  There couldn’t be a better time to develop your skills in interpersonal communication and mediation and gain additional qualifications! 

All of our courses are delivered fully online so unaffected by COVID-19 disruption other than the challenges individual students face.

Enrollments in our NMAS Course have doubled and we had a bumper enrollment for the online delivery April 2020 Family Group Conference Facilitator Training. 

We’d also like to welcome the recent new students in our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners Training (delivered in partnership with RTO Inspiritive 21178), Transformative Relationship Mediation and Facilitated Discussion Courses.

Enrollments in the Facilitated Discussion course are surprisingly slow considering the number of discussions that people must be having in workplaces at the moment.  If you know someone who is a manager or in a HR role who wants the skills of a mediator without the accreditation requirements perhaps let them know about our Facilitated Discussion Course.

I have been very impressed by the diversity of backgrounds and skills that you all bring into the courses and share with others.

What’s next?

  • NMAS Students – Ensure you can log into the course. When you log in you will see a video for the course orientation, you can also view the video by clicking this link Please take the time to view this video. If you have a question regarding the course or the orientation, please contact me by booking a call back here:
  • NMAS Course Schedule -On this page is also a link to a word document which includes further information including a recommended schedule for progressing through the course. You can also access the document by clicking this link This will greatly assist you in planning your studies and role plays

What our students say

Lee Lee

We’ve had some changes to our training team. 

We sadly say goodby to Yvonne Flanders as a mentor and training. She has been lured back to her first love of counselling and didn’t feel she was able to put her full focus to mediation and mediator mentoring.

We are happy to welcome Lee Lee to the training team.  She completed her Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner training and some other courses with Mediation Institute as well as a masters in dispute resolution. 

Check out her profile to find out more about Lee’s background.

Cynthia Brooking

Cynthia Brooking

It is a real privilege helping the students from start to finish, to reach their goal of assessment, and send out their ‘Certificate of Completion’. 

I have been amazed at feedback by students on how our mediation training and processes were implemented into their lives and careers.  They say that the skills and practicalities we teach to unpack and delve into issues has really helped clientele and work issues.  Thank you, Mediation Institute for being a leading force in the field.  

Check out her profile to find out more about Cynthia’s background.

Interact Online

As part of our ongoing committment to training and supporting dispute resolution professionals we have been instrumental in expanding the range of services provided by Interact Support to include any form of dispute resolution.

The Interact Online Program will provide opportunities for new mediators to develop your skills and for experienced mediators to pick up extra contract work. 

Find out more about Interact Online.

Experience Levels

I have been very impressed by the standard of students conducting their accreditation assessments. The combination of online theory and video-conference practice (with skilled mentoring) is producing wonderful results. Mediation is a complex task - more complex than many realise until they are in the driver's seat. Our student's are to be complimented on their commitment to learning - undoubtedly aided by the Institute's innovative approach to mediation education.

Peter Johnston. ADR Manager - QCAT and Mi Lead Asessor Tweet
Peter Johnstone
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Training Update: July 2020

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