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Mediation Institute is a specialist  training provider

We train and support mediators, family dispute resolution practitioners and other dispute resolution professionals such as Family Group Conference Facilitators.

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Mi Community Mediation Service
General Information

Mi Community Mediation Program

Mi Community Mediation Service is a collaboration between Mediation Institute and Interact Support Inc to provide a low cost, accessible dispute resolution service for community members in Australia.

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Mediation Institute Values

Our values are accessibility, flexibility, quality, respect and innovation.

Our approach is to use technology whenever we can to make our services accessible and to always focus on the individual learning and support needs of our members.

What our students say about us

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NMAS StudentName withheld
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​I wanted to let you know that I have made my final payment today for the course. I am so very sorry this took a lot longer than I anticipated. I am extremely grateful that I could pay this off.

I have spoken to a lot of people I know in my area who are keen to look at the becoming a Nationally Accredited Mediator however the upfront cost puts them off. I have told them about your training and they are keen.

Once again thanks for your service.
CourtneyNMAS Student
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Cynthia hosted a m​entoring session. We used the elder example as the issue during the mentoring lesson.

I found this lesson incredibly helpful. It highlighted to me that confidence is a huge issue for me personally. I may know the answer to a question but I will hold back due to lacking in confidence.

We also went over how to effectively ask questions to really nut out the issues. There were examples of questions that I wouldn't even think to ask so it was really useful to see how specific things need to get to achieve results.

Thank you for this session!
Rae-AnneNMAS student regarding an impromptu mentoring session
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I attended a Role Play on 15th July via Zoom with Cynthia and two other students.
As there was no mediator identified, Cynthia took the opportunity to turn our session into a mentored role play, and we worked through the elderly parent scenario.

This was my first interaction with anyone in the course or seeing a live mediation as up to this point I had only watched recorded sessions.

I realised during and on reflection on this scenario, the enormous skill level required to ask relevant questions to seek clarity and understanding, without guiding anyone in a particular direction, and how the previous scenarios run by experienced mediators that I had I had observed looked so effortless.

Like anything new, it's the conscious incompetence that is a little nerve wracking. A lot of my current work uses the same skillset, although with coaching and counselling I can ask questions in a different way than is called for in mediation, and it will be a different way of being that I look forward to.

I look forward to participating in more and actually playing the role of mediator!
DannyNMAS student
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​I found the teachers to be patient, encouraging and clear in your explanations as well as clearly offering a very solid depth of knowledge and experience.

The teaching process felt tailored to me as I received detailed feedback along the way which included prompts on what to work on.

I like the added opportunities MI provides in terms of webinars and attended some of these along the way, which helped me understand the different contexts of mediation work a little better as well as develop related skills and get ideas for how to start practising.

What We Offer

  • Chc81115 – Graduate Diploma Of Family Dispute Resolution
  • Fgc Workshop Participation
    Professional Development

    FGC Workshop Participation

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  • Coached Mediation Practice Session
  • Mentoring Session

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