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Gem Emmerson says…

After undertaking extensive online research on mediation education providers, I chose to work with the Mediation Institute to assist me in making a diversion in my career path. Having recently completed the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) Course, I would highly recommend the Mediation Institute to anyone looking to obtain professional qualifications in mediation. The lecturers invest heavily in your success. They make themselves available to you to answer queries and support you throughout the learning process. I have previously completed numerous qualifications – bachelors’ degree, Masters, certificates – and never felt so supported in my learning journey.

Importantly, the Mediation Institute delivers the NMAS Mediator Course and Assessment through flexible, accessible online learning which includes full eLearning resources and video mediation role plays. The course also encourages student and professional interactions and support. The opportunities for practical applications in moderated role plays and the opportunity to discuss issues with current practitioners is incredibly valuable.

And they don’t forget about you once you’ve obtained your qualification, they also provide substantial and on-going professional development in a range of mediation processes eg. Negotiation, communication, Family Dispute Resolutions, Family Group Conference Facilitations, property settlements, webinars, podcasts, physical resources and more.

The Mediation Institute exceeded my development and training expectations and I look forward to having a long and continuing association with them in my professional mediation journey.

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Gem Emmerson says…

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