Testimonial – Barbara Jenner says …

I could not be more stoked with choosing this course!

After being in hospitality for 16 years, becoming a newly single mother and the pandemic hit, I did an online career quiz which suggested becoming a mediator. At this point, I truly didn’t know what mediation even was.

Did some research, reached out to some people and it sparked my interest. I was attracted to the Mediation Institute because it was self paced, all online and the price was inclusive of the assessment for the same price as most were for just doing the course work. The course itself is very clearly laid out, there are so many helpful resources and tips that helped me on my journey but the real value is in the mentors.

I mainly dealt with Cynthia and Ken who both have so much experience and knowledge to be able to help you through the course but their passion for their craft is so admirable.

Constantly giving valuable feedback even though they have heard and sat through the scenarios hundreds of times, they still made sure to tell me exactly what I and/or others (for when I’d be just a participant in the mediation role play and not the mediator) needed to improve.

I honestly never realised the true value in role plays as a training tool until this course and that’s all thanks to Cynthia and Ken. Cynthia’s heart and Ken’s humour got me through the course with more ease then I could have expected. I am so excited to start my career as a Mediator but was gutted when the course finished.

If I was to rate this course out of 5 stars, I’d still try to give it at least a 10!

Thank you so much team for making the year 2020 a brand new path, full of excitement! 

Barbara Jenner, Melbourne


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Testimonial – Barbara Jenner says …

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