Dr Taf Mugadza

Family Group Conference Facilitator


Dr Mugadza has vast experience in the areas of Law, Criminal Law, Child Protection and Social Sciences.

She is a multicultural practitioner whose focus is on African migrant communities and the Child Protection System in Australia.  Dr Mugadza provides consultations on confronting and complex issues pertaining to the influence of cultural values and beliefs on child rearing and parenting. She is valued for her vast knowledge in African migration experiences, acculturation, African child rearing and parenting, cultural sensitivity, awareness and competency while working with migrant families.

Dr Taf Mugadza


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Social Sciences
  • Master of Social Change and Development, Social Sciences
  • Graduate Certificate in Social Change and Development, Social Sciences
  • Baccalaureus Juris, Law University of Namibia
  • Family Group Conference Facilitator Certificate

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Penrith, NSW

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 By appointment.