Susie Rayner

Susie is a nationally accredited Mediator and New Ways for Families Coach. Sometimes a third party needs to be involved. A mediator can be that third party and can help you resolve your dispute effectively. New Ways for Families is the only online, self-paced and assessed course for separating or divorcing parents. You can complete the course in the comfort of your own home with a coach on hand to assist you.

Co-parenting is difficult sometimes. New Ways for Families offers a comprehensive course, so you can learn to co-parent without the conflict. Children can deal with their parents separating or divorcing, however, what really effects them, and what has detrimental effects to their social, emotional well being, is the conflict that goes on between their parents. Susie is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution. Family Dispute Resolution is the most humane way to sort out your issues. Going to court isn’t.

In Family Dispute Resolution, you can put forward proposals, negotiate and come up with your own options for your future. It may be the case that both parties may not be entirely happy with the outcome but essentially it’s about the kids – what are their best interests?? If you would like to get in touch with Susie, please click on the links above. By appointment only