Glenda (Gem) Emerson

NMAS Mediator

Her Why

Help when it's needed

I became a professional mediator, so I can help others settle their conflict productively whilst also improving their communication skills and harmony.

I take a facilitative approach that supports problem solving, self-determination and empowers the people I work with to resolve disputes more collaboratively.

My speciality area is working with regional people to resolve family succession / intergenerational disputes, neighbourhood disputes and farm debt issues.

Gem Emmerson


Gem is a broadly skilled professional with proven experience in rural issues, mediation, problem solving, governance, community engagement, research, report writing, administration, small business, strata industry, communications and project management.

Gem creates a mediation environment where effective communication between disputing parties forms the foundation for problem solving and agreement. Her solution-based philosophy is based on the belief that problems or disputes are more able to be advantageously managed and addressed if they are recognised at the earliest possible stage and that litigation through the courts should always be a last resort.

She provides her professional problem resolution services as a mediator to those seeking help to resolve civil law issues, specialising in farm business debt, community disputes, commercial, community, elder, workplace, environmental, construction, family, building, health and educational disputes. She is skilled in conducting video mediation in order to provide services for those who have trouble accessing face-to-face mediation eg. distance, safety. Gem does not provide family law dispute services.



Gem is available as a volunteer negotiator to assist as part of the Mediation Institute Volunteer
Negotiation Services Program.


  • NMAS Accredited Mediator
  • Certificate in Community Engagement and Public Participation
  • Masters of Journalism, Communication and Media Studies
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science

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Contact and Location

Phone Number:

0409 480 131


Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Service Delivery Areas:

Sunshine coast services as well as willing to travel or provide services via video or phone for regional clients.


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Glenda (Gem) Emmerson

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