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Erin Thiele

 Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Erin Thiele is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner located in Maroochydore, Queensland.

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Erin is a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with the Department of the Federal Attorney-General, pursuant to the Family Act 1975 (Cth) and a Nationally Accredited Mediator.

etcco Mediation understands the sensitive, emotive and challenging situations our clients are experiencing. We aim to guide and empower our clients through education, supportive intervention and empathy. When you engage our services, we will assist you through our thorough intake process, inform you of what to expect, communicate with you as your matter progresses and provide a safe and effective environment to help you reach agreement and resolve your dispute.

We are Child Focussed; We are Future Focussed.

We approach mediation with the compassionate understanding that your situation is unique to you, and the complexities that you are facing can be unpleasant and stressful. We aim to help you through the process in a supportive and empathetic manner, knowing that very often parties are in different stages of the grief process, and of moving on with their life. Identifying the common ground, and the real issues at the heart of your matter, we give you the platform to be heard and to be in control of your decisions. We are not lawyers, and our process is not adversarial, instead, we bring a human touch that we believe makes a difference. You may be thinking that four to seven hours is a long time to discuss. your dispute, but we know from experience that successful mediations take time to explore the issues, identify options and reality test. You are essentially making decisions for your future, and the future of your children.

Erin Thiele
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  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
  • Lifeline Volunteer Crisis Supporter Trained
  • Lifeline Domestic Violence Trained | CHCDFV001 – Recongnise and respond appropriately to domestic and family violence
  • Registered Nurse | AOD and Mental Health experience