Ezio (Eddie) Senatore is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and business advisor.

He’s based in Canberra and works with business owners and leaders in a variety of ways.

If you are looking for a mediator with a great deal of depth in understanding business issues then Eddie is your man.

You can call him on 0448 000 010 or use the form or social links below to contact him.

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Eddie Senatore
Eddie Senatore

Qualifications and Accreditations

  • NMAS Accredited Mediator
  • Masters of Business / Commerce
  • Executive Program on Business Strategy and Culture
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Studies, Commercial Law
  •  Change Management
  • Economics Degree
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  • Mediation and insolvency 05/12/2018
    According to former US Judge Peck one primary objective of mediation is to restore communication between parties to mitigate against further deterioration in relationships, allowing parties to explore solutions and options without their legal position has being compromised which facilitates the discovery of mutual interests, as another objective.  Building trust is hard work, especially in insolvency.  Mediation […]
  • Before a dispute or conflict gets out of control 04/10/2018
    Facilitation a process that makes life easier.  Using a third party to neutralise and help parties achieve collective outcomes.  You can use the process of facilitation at any stage. For example facilitation can be used in pre-conflict situations.  This is not to say conflicts haven’t already erupted or there are no existing underlying tensions.  Call in a facilitator before any conflict […]

More information

Eddie has been working with business owners for a number of years. For some he helps them to plan and structure their business for growth and eventual succession.

For others he works as a liquidator.

He is a Nationally Accredited Mediator with experience in business acquired over more than 30 years of working closely with CEOs, MDs and business owners.  

With this background he brings a unique perspective to business leaders. He specialises in helping executives run their businesses better. That means meeting growth targets, improving business operations, and bringing solutions that give a competitive edge or provide turnaround strategies for failing business or assist with maximising the benefits of a winding up should the business have no future.

He specialises in working with the leaders of small to medium businesses, but has the backing of a huge team of experts if needed for larger projects.

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