Angela Franklin

NMAS Mediator and Family Group Conference Facilitator

Her Why

Supporting individuals, families and staff.

I have had 28 years of industry experience working across both Government & the non-government sector sector leading best practice in complex casework in Disability, Family & Community Services.

I am also an NMAS Nationally accredited Mediator & Family Group Conference facilitator working with complex casework & scenario’s to negotiate sustainable agreements for children & adults. I have also led a number of State-wide projects leading to Innovation & significant reform in the sector for children & young people with complex disabilities, in project management roles advocating for change & recognition of the strengths within extended family networks.

I am very passionate about quality practice development within agencies & supporting individuals, families & staff to think creatively & use the resources they have to develop confidence, self-determination & skills to explore all opportunities to improve their lives.

Angela Franklin


Angela is an experienced Family Group Conference Facilitator and Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS Mediator) located in the Coffs Harbour region of New South Wales.



Angela is available as a volunteer negotiator to assist as part of the Mediation Institute Volunteer
Negotiation Services Program.


  • NMAS Accredited Mediator
  • Family Group Conference Facilitator
  • Advanced Diploma of Systemic Therapy – Family Group Conferencing
  • Cert IV in Project Management
  • Cert IV in Front line Management Person Centred and Inclusive Practice
  • Diploma of Systemic Counselling Skills – Effective Group Leadership


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Phone Number:

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Coffs Harbour, NSW

Service Delivery Areas:

Coffs Harbour region of NSW and other areas by appointment.


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Angela Franklin

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