Mark Potts works as a Family Group Conference Facilitator at CareSouth Nowra. What makes CareSouth unique is our commitment to service excellence. As a local community-based organisation with a big heart, we are bold, determined and innovative in our style. Through programs like Brighter Futures, Champions, Permanency Support and Foster Care, Specialist Youth Support Services, Residential Care, NDIS Disability Services and Family Connections we are committed to children, young people and families.


Mark Potts is a Family Group Conference Facilitator.  

He is based in the Nowra area of NSW

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Qualifications and Accreditations

  • Family Group Conference Facilitator

More information

Based in Southern and Western NSW, we have offices across the Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Tablelands and Western NSW.

At CareSouth we are passionate about, and committed to, building strong communities.  We enhance and strengthen the lives of those we work with and we seek to inspire each other and the communities in which we operate – through excellence in service delivery and by always doing what we say we will do.


Our Vision

To create a positive future for children, young people, individuals, families and communities, providing opportunities in which they can enhance their quality of life.

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Mark Potts

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