How to record that you participated in a role play as a role player

Have you forgotten how to record that you participated in a role play as a role player?

In this quick video Mediation Institute Director of Studies, Joanne Law shows students on the NMAS Mediator Accreditation Course how to record their first role plays as a role player in the learning management system.

Log into the Learning Management System to follow the instructions. https://study247.online

Due to the self-paced nature of the course you will need to log in and click on the assignments tab to record your participation and make sure that you are credited for your participation.

How to control automatic emails in the LMS

Mediation Institute uses a Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas to guide students as you progress through your coursework.

This post is designed to help students to adjust your email preferences to avoid unnecessary emails from the Learning Management System but  still receive important notifications.

Log into the LMS

Log into Canvas – www.mi.instructure.com 

You will need your student login and password to proceed beyond this point.

log in screen

Click on Account

Your account is the first option below the Mediation Institute Logo.

DashboardDid you know?

If you click on the logo from anywhere in the course it will bring you back to the dashboard.

Click on Notifications

When you click on Account an Account Menu will appear.  Click on Notifications to modify your notification settings.

In the Notification Settings you’ll be able to decide how frequently you want automatic emails from the system or shut them off completely.

Account Notification Preferences

The first group of preferences relate to course activities.

Due dates and grading are not really important as the course is self-paced and competency based.

Course content and Files changes are made from time to time as we find ways to improve the course or add in additional resources. A weekly digest should be plenty to get an update on these types of changes.

Announcements are used for Role Play notifications and other changes and are often time sensitive so we recommend that you get them as soon as they are released.

If you create an announcement such as wanting to arrange a get together of students then you’d want responses straight away.

Grading changes sends out notifications of any change such as an instructor muting or unmuting a task and often doesn’t relate to you at all so we recommend that you turn those notifications off.

We don’t use invitations much at the moment but leave it on in case we do at a later date.

Submission Comments should be immediate or daily notification as that will let you know when an instructor works on one of your assignments.

Course Activities



 Discussions, Conversations and Scheduling

We recommend that you get a daily update on discussions but tick Conversations to get emails sent to you through the course immediately.

The scheduling relates to the calendar settings.

Student Appointment Signups and Appointment Availability are for faculty only so turn them off.

Appointment Signups and Cancellations and Calendar changes are probably best to be daily to avoid too many emails if we are working on the calendar and putting on a lot of new events at the same time.

Discussions etc

Groups, Alerts and Conferences

Groups and Alerts are an administrative options (for course admins and trainers)  so turn them off.

Conferences are not being used at the moment (the built in webinar function) as we use Zoom so that students don’t have to learn two systems.

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