Step by Step – how to log into a Mediation Institute Course


Where to go to log in

Mediation Institute hosts our online learning courses on a website called https://mi.study247.online/

You might want to bookmark this address.

You can always find the way by coming back to this website www.mediationinstitute.edu.au and using the link on the header menu.

Link to eLearning


Step One: Sign up to Study247.online

Click on the I’m a student button

Click on the Login link at the top right of the screen if you are an existing student. You will already have a log in for our Learning Management System (LMS) Step One - Sign up to Canvas

Step 2: Put in the Join Code

You should have a Join Code that you received in a document from Mediation Institute.

If you can’t find your join code email office@mediationinstitute.edu.au to request it again.

  • Make sure you put your full name in the full name box
  • The email address you want to log in with and receive course related emails into the Username box
  • Your preferred password. It should be at least 8 digits and something you can remember.
  • You have to agree with the privacy and terms of use to proceed.
  • Click Start Learning to … start learning.

Step Two - Student Sign Up

Step 3 Go to your course.

That will take you to the course that you have enrolled in.

Here is an example from the Mediation Institute NMAS Mediator Training course.

NMAS Training

Quick Guide

The home page gives you an overview.

The modules link has the course laid out in sequence.

If it was a book the Modules are the Chapters and each chapter contains a number of pages. You can page through the course in sequence and you will come to the revision and discussion tasks at the appropriate time.   

What can go wrong?

Known issues students may encounter

If you get an Email already in use message it means that you have already got a log in for the Learning Management System.

What to do

Click on the Login Dropdown Login dropdown

Use the same email address to login – try to remember the password you would have used.

If you got it right you’ll be in the course.  If not you’ll get an invalid username or password error.

If you get an Invalid Username or Password message it means that your password is wrong if you have used the email address you used to log in to Canvas before.


What to do

Click on the Forgot Password link 

The password reset box will pop up. Put in the same email address you have been trying to log in with and hit Request Password. It will email the password to you.

Hint: Automated emails often go to junk mail or where ever else mail programs decide to hide them so have a look in all the usual places.

If you can’t find the automatic email that lets you reset your password try the Need a Canvas Account link with the email address you believe you have an account for.

Copy and paste it in the Need a Canvas Account link to see if you get the already used email address error message.

Reset Password Link

Student Orientation Video

What’s Online Learning?

What's online learning?

Online learning is a method of delivering educational material via the internet instead of in a physical classroom.

There are many different applications for online learning.

The simplest form of online learning involves providing a website with downloadable content and assessment booklets that are completed then emailed or even posted back to the institute for assessment.  We don’t do that.

Mediation Institute delivers eLearning that maximises the use of technology. That means you complete the coursework and assessment through a structured program with student interaction and feedback from the assessors on a task by task basks.


The history of Distance Learning

“Distance learning” refers to the idea of learning at a distance where learning materials are sent to the student. This was first put into practice by the University of London External System in 1858 and would have relied entirely on the postal system.

Back then the distance learning experience may not have been a particularly interactive system and unfortunately there are still a few providers around who haven’t really advanced much in the past hundred and fifty or so years.

The opportunity that the internet provides

Modern technology has the potential to offer the advantages of the traditional classroom to distance learning students and yet many of the so-called online learning courses offered today in Australia make little practical use of the internet. They are little more than distance learning with the post office replaced by downloadable materials and submission of assessment tasks by email.

This is not what we consider leading edge modern education!

Computers and internet give us the opportunity to engage with the learner using a variety of electronic means including recorded video and audio materials, presentation materials, online seminars complete with whiteboards and live person to person interaction over video.

Technology with a human touch

At Mediation Institute we want our students to experience the peer learning benefits of participating in structured workshops without the inconvenience of travel and having to invest days at a time into their studies.

We are achieving this by enhancing the learning experience through our use of online services.

Have we completely replaced the experience of attending a workshop?  Honestly, no.

But for students who participate in all of the interactive learning opportunities available to them we believe we’re at least achieving 80% of the benefits and avoiding all of the downsides of attending workshops.

Mediation Institute eLearning experience

We make use of the industry leading eLearning Management System – Instructure’s Canvas as well as other technology to support the ways in which our trainers can interact with students and students can work with other students through live video meetings.

Recordings allow the very time poor to time shift and watch the webinar discussions after the event although it is much better if you can attend live so that you get your questions answered.

Our routine Wednesday role plays provide the opportunity to Zoom in and participate in a role play with other students every week or less frequently depending on your personal priorities.

“Our focus on engaging our students saw us win the converted eLearning Excellence Award for Vocational Education and Training in 2014 and achieve a student completion rate of 83.3% in 2015.”

Joanne Law, Director of Studies

Mediator Musings with Daniel Myers
General Information

Mediator Musings with Daniel Myers

Daniel Myers is a family lawyer and mediator based in Melbourne. In this episode of Mediator Musings he talks about the journey literally and in terms of his knowledge that has brought him to where he is today.

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The next innovation

Our core values are Accessibility, Collaboration and Innovation.

That means we don’t intend to stand still ether.

We are currently developing the new Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution Program (CHC81115) and are excited by the way we are packaging in the use of supervision to support students even more as they complete their studies with Mediation Institute and support them when they being working with clients.

We have also applied to add the new Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling to our course selection. This course complements many of the FDR units and will allow us to offer a Double Grad Dip FDR/Relationship Counselling for those who have the necessary Counselling background.

With a targeted start date later in the year we will be seeking to employ a head of Counselling and counselling trainers to support this and a new Diploma of Counselling course.

In both the new FDR and Counselling courses we will be utilising the supervision model between students and their allocated trainer to improve learning outcomes and develop an understanding of the value of ongoing supervision particularly where a practitioner is working in their own practice or remotely from an employing entity.

Under the careful watch of Colin, Paul and Joanne; Mediation Institute is growing strongly and we will be striving to ensure that our version of online learning is not only as good as traditional classroom learning but far exceeds it in terms of making quality education available to Australians no matter where they live or how they live there life.

Places still available

Mediation Institute has started training the CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution for 2018. We still have places available if your goal is to become a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in 2018.

How to enroll

How does it work?

Mediation Institute offers a personalized training experience for our FDR students. That means that once we start training for the year we use a rolling enrollment model. You can enroll and start when you are ready and join the other students moving through the course.

Won’t I miss out?

No. We run a very active series of webinars throughout the year that you can join in live or watch on recording. If you have specific questions about the course content you can ask when and if a question arises for you.

Online forum discussions provide the opportunity to “discuss” topics using a forum but our live video web meetings are the main discussion times.

The major skills development component of the course is video mediation role plays, optional workshops and then your work placement. Even for those students who started in February they will be ready to progress at different times due to their speed of learning, other commitments and approach.

Do I have to do work placement?

Yes. Some training providers are telling students that role plays with other students or with actors are the same as work placement working under the supervision of an accredited family dispute resolution practitioner with clients. We do not believe that is true. We do not believe that is in accordance with the requirements of the qualification.

Mediation Institute has provisions in place to ensure that you are not short changed in your work experience and you will finish your course with a minimum of 50 hours of work experience and a track record of working with at least five families experiencing conflict.  There is a significant cost associated with providing work placement (which is why the “fudging” is occurring) so if you want Mediation Institute to arrange and provide the  work placement for you there is an additional cost to the course of $2,000.

Assertive Communication

Did you know that Mediation Institute doesn’t just train mediation?

We also provide training in a wide range of interpersonal and business related skills such as Assertiveness Training.

Online Learning in Assertiveness

We prefer to pre-teach before we bring participants to workshops or webinars. That way you are more likely to retain and integrate the learning from the interaction. Otherwise it is just too overwhelming and you forget most of what you thought you learnt.

That is why you go to a workshop or seminar. Get super excited. Perhaps even write down a whole lot of notes about what you’re going to do to implement and then …. nothing.

Self-paced online learning: Assertive Communication

Workshop Training

Onsite workshops are available and designed after a discussion about your needs.

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