Student Support

Student Support

Mediation Institute is a small specialised provider of Mediation training.


We provide individualised support to our students based on their personal needs.

  • Some students are not confident users of the technologies available such as video meetings which are used for our webinars and video mediation sessions.

    We provide an individual support and orientation session to get you started and then additional support if required.

  • Some students need a little bit of extra support with the online learning component.  It’s always possible to email our training team and get a response back via the learning management system or give them a call if you are unsure.
  • Individual feedback on your submitted assessment tasks provide the opportunity to make adjustments or to feel confident about your progress through the course.



  • Getting to know other students through the weekly webinars provides another layer of support. Peer support and collaboration is strongly encouraged and supported by Mediation Institute.
  • The weekly facilitated role plays provide another opportunity to share learning and engage with other students.
  • The Role Play Scheduler provides students and graduates the opportunity to engage with each other and interact in role play scenarios.
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