Steve Brossman

Special Webinar: Steve Brossman

Steve Brossman, the Authority Catalyst, talks about Authority Marketing in a special presentation for Mediation Institute students and graduates.

He provides some hints and tips on how to develop your Authority Marketing strategy and case study examples from other clients.

He also talks about a new, low cost four week program he has developed to give participants a hand with developing their own unique positioning so that you move from trying to sell yourself or your time to selling a system and solution.

Watch the video for more information on how to book in and the special offer that Steve made exclusively for Mediation Institute people. Make sure you let Steve know that you’re one of us for an individual review of your signature system and mentoring session.

The booking link is if you are interested in getting some help with developing your authority positioning.

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Special Webinar: Steve Brossman

by Paul Kenna Law time to read: 1 min