Self-Paced Courses


These courses are available for self-paced online learning, with coaching support or supported by a workshop.

Contact us for more information about the courses you are interested in. 

Interpersonal Skills

Assertive communication
Being an advocate
Being a mentor
Customer complaints
Communication skills
Emotional Intelligence
Effective meetings
Your career pathway
Telephone communication
Managing work stress
Networking – how and why
Organising events
Skills for influencing and negotiating
Time management at work
Understanding and managing conflict at work
Using online resources safely
Starting a micro business

Information Technology

Access 2010
Access 2013
Excel 2010
Excel 2013
Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Internet Explorer
Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Publisher 2010
Microsoft Publisher 2013
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
Microsoft word 2010
Microsoft Word 2013
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8

Leadership and Management

Creating a flexible workplace
Conducting internal audits
Conducting interviews
Continuous improvement
Creating a safety culture
Develop a budget
Developing customer loyalty
Developing an induction program
Developing a learning organisation
Diversity – understanding and managing
Governance – being a board member
Health and safety incident management
Health and safety leadership
Infection control
Innovation in the workplace
Leadership in work organisations
Managers as coaches
Managing change
Managing debt and consumer credit
Manage a franchise
Manual handling
Minimising loss in a retail store
Managing off-site staff
Managing a sales team
Older people’s leisure and recreation programs
Organisations and social responsibility
Organisations and sustainability
Performance management
Product knowledge
Project management
Prioritising work
Risk assessment and control
Recruiting and selecting
Stock control and inventory
Strategic planning
Workforce planning
Work teams

Marketing, Sales and Promotions

Advertising and promoting
Conducting useful market research
Identifying marketing opportunities
Customer needs
Conferences – promotion and management
Online sales
Retail sales and service
Profiling the market
Promoting a small business
Visual merchandising
Positive SSL