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Role Play Scheduler

Update on change to the role play scheduler for all current students.

What’s changed

We have closed the Role Plays Course and Eventbrite events which used to be used to coordinate role plays and are now using a google spreadsheet that all students can access from whatever course you are in within the LMS.

How do I get to the spreadsheet?

MenuTo access the Role Play Scheduler just go to your course 

No matter where you are in the course you can see a dark blue menu on the left of your screen.

Click on the Links Icon.

A Links Help Menu will pop out. It has a number of links that will take you to where you need to go.

  • Role Play Scheduler – Links to the Role Play Scheduler (I know, amazing!)
  • Videos- Role Play Recordings and Webinars – Links to Recorded Videos from Mediation Institute faculty and students
  • Mi Students and Graduates Linked In – Links to the “Mediation Institute Students and Graduates” Linked In Group.  If you haven’t already please follow the link to join this closed group for our students and graduates.
  • Mi Mediation Facebook Page – Links to the Mi Facebook Page. We often share interesting content so if you use Facebook follow the page.
  • Mi Website Student Area – where posts for students are collated.
  • The rest of the links are more to do with the learning management system interface so may not be of interest.


What do I do when I get there?

Contact Information

1st thing check your contact information. Is it showing the correct information.

We have taken the step of providing phone and email contact information as with the phasing out of the Role Play Course students in different courses can no longer email directly from the course.

If the page didn’t default to Contact Information you can find it by looking for the tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Book in for role plays

The spreadsheet is set up so that the days of the week go across the page and the weeks go down the page.

We are using colour coding to see at a glance if everything is in place for the role play to proceed or if a role is vacant

The two role plays on the evening of the 25th October below proceeded (they are in green) The column headings are on the spreadsheet but reading left to right is

  1. the date,
  2. Time (The first is Melbourne time, the second Brisbane) but we have standardised so that all future role plays should show EST (Brisbane Time)
  3. Name of the mentor
  4. Mentors zoom number
  5. Type of role play (determined by the person who is the mediator)
  6. The mediator
  7. Role Player 1
  8. Role Player 2

Role Plays


If the row you are looking at is in orange it means that we still need role players, if it is in red it means the role play didn’t proceed.


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Role Play Scheduler

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