Requirements for NMAS Accreditation

What is NMAS Accreditation?

The NMAS is the National Mediator Accreditation System for Australia. It was established and maintained by the Mediators Standards Board.

Under the NMAS the process and requirements for NMAS Accreditation is prescribed. 

The NMAS Accreditation System is available in a document from the Mediators Standard Board Website – access the NMAS as a downloadable PDF  

What are the requirements for New NMAS Accreditation?

You must have completed a 38 hour NMAS Course or equivalent training within a specified time and then completed an assessment for competence.  Scroll down for more information. 


Accreditation Pathway

Requirements For Nmas Accreditation

Image courtesy of the Mediator Standards Board

Step 1: Complete a Training Program in accordance with NMAS Approval Standards Part I, Section 2.3. Training is a minimum of 38 hours and requires 9 mediation role plays within a 24 month period prior to assessment.  More information about the Mediation Institute NMAS Training and Assessment  course. 

Step 2: Achieve Competent Grading in an Assessment once you have completed your training course you must pass an assessment conducted in accordance with the NMAS Approval Standards Part I, Section 2.4.

Step 3: Apply to a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB) such as Mediation Institute for NMAS Accreditation. You must apply for accreditation within 6 months of completing your assessment and provide the necessary evidence to show that you are eligible to apply.

Step 4: Your name will be added to the National Register by Mediation Institute once your NMAS Accreditation is approved.

Application Form Required

There are criteria for accreditation as a mediator in addition to the training and assessment requirement.

You must:

  • Be of good character and prove that by providing 2 references or other evidence
  • Disclose if you have been disqualified from any form of professional practice
  • Disclose any criminal convictions
  • Disclose any impairment which could influence your capacity to discharge your obligations in a competent, honest and professional manner.
  • Disclose if you have ever been refused NMAS Accreditation or renewal or had your accreditation suspended or lapsed.
  • Provide evidence of professional indemnity insurance or cover
  • Download our application form for full information

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Requirements for NMAS Accreditation

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