Requirements for NMAS Accrediation

Criteria for accreditation as a NMAS mediator

Approval requirements for accreditation   

2.1 An applicant must be of good character and possess appropriate personal qualities and experience to conduct a mediation process independently, competently and professionally.  An applicant must:

  1. provide written references from two members of their community who have known them for more than three years to the effect that they are of good character, or demonstrate that they already satisfy  this requirement under another system;
  2. disclose if they have been disqualified from any type of professional practice;
  3. disclose any criminal conviction;
  4. disclose any impairment that could influence their capacity to discharge their obligations in a competent, honest and professional manner;
  5. disclose if they have ever been refused NMAS accreditation or accreditation renewal or had their accreditation suspended or cancelled.
  6. comply with the Approval Standards and Practice Standards, with any relevant legislation, professional standards and any other requirements that may be relevant to them;
  7. pay the MSB registration fee in accordance with their RMAB’s practices; 
  8. become and remain a member of an RMAB or a member or employee of an organisation with a relevant ethical code or standard and a complaints and disciplinary procedure that can address complaints against mediators;
  9. acknowledge that an RMAB can disclose information about them to the MSB and the MSB can release it to other RMABs upon request; and
  10. be covered by relevant professional indemnity insurance or have statutory immunity.

Section 3 – Criteria Declaration

Good character

I, the undersigned, undertake that I:

I have read the approval requirements for accreditation as per the Mediator Standards Board 1st July 2015.

Mediator competence

Qualified through training

I undertake that I have successfully completed a mediator education and training course with Mediation Institute that meets the threshold training and education requirements of the Australian National Mediator Approval Standards and which has been accepted as such by

Section 4 – Supporting Documents for mediator

ATTACHMENTS (Please tick each box for which you are submitting documents)

  • Completed Applications, please ensure that you have read, signed and dated the declarations included in this application.
  • Written referees (see 2.1 regarding the requirement for 2 references)
  • Copies of Certificate of Attainment / Successful Completion of applicable mediation training courses and / or knowledge examinations.

Section 6 – Declaration

Tick the boxes to confirm that you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions of accreditation as set out below:

  • I hereby apply for mediator accreditation with
  • I agree to comply with the requirements of accreditation as detailed in the Section 3 Criteria Declaration.
  • I agree to supply information requested by from time to time for the evaluation of my application or re-approval process.
  • I will undertake a Police Check if requested by if I have disclosed any criminal convictions
  • I agree to work with and abide by their decisions concerning any action taken to mediate my conduct in light of any formal complaint received by
  • I authorise to seek information from any party noted in this application and/or my supporting documents for evaluation of my application or re-approval process.
  • I agree to the publication of my name and accreditation details in the Register of Accredited Practitioners. This will include the date of accreditation.
  • All information provided in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.

I will observe the Mediator Standard Board’s code of conduct

  1. I will not act in any way that would prejudice the reputation of or the accreditation approval process and will cooperate fully with an enquiry in the event of any alleged breach of this code.

Essential Information for Applicants for mediator Accreditation

For further details about the Australian National Mediator Standards please see the NMAS

Applications must be submitted in English. Where translations of documents are provided, independent verification of the translation must accompany the application.

Information to enroll as an accredited mediator

Please mark one of the following;

  • Working as an accredited mediator I will be using personal indemnity insurance through my workplace. If so please nominate workplace: ……………………………………………………………
  • I hold my own personal indemnity insurance (Conflict Solvers will need to see a copy)
  • I am a member of a professional association (compulsory). If so please nominate …………………………………………………………………………………………

If not, we suggest the cheapest option is:  (yearly membership is $85)

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