Webinar Series: Assertive Communication


Assertive communication webinar series: 2 webinars reinforcing and extending the learning from the assertive communication self-paced elearning


This series of two webinars are designed to support the deployment of the Mediation Institute Assertive Communication self-paced elearning course in Assertive Communication. 

Delivered as two workshops between three and six weeks apart the webinars are designed to provide coaching and mentoring in assertive communcation.

  1. Webinar One: Review, Q&A and Behavioural Tasking.  This webinar is intended to support and re-enforce the online learning.Ideally it will be scheduled one or two weeks after the participants have had access to the online learning. In a standard organisation early adopters will have already completed the online learning and be implementing the new strategies while others will have procrastinated and not yet completed the course.  The webinar is designed to help encourage them to participate in the learning opportunity and to maintain the momentum for those who have completed the online learning.

    Outcome: clarify any misunderstanding or unanswered questions, encourage ongoing practice of new behaviours and encourage completion of the self-paced learning.

  2. Webinar Two: Review and discussion.  The presence of the second webinar is intended to ensure that all participants in the online learning complete their course and behavioural tasking.This session is usually scheduled three to six weeks after the first webinar however the question will be asked of participants (in the form of a poll during the webinar) when they think the next session should be to further help encourage them to complete the online learning.

    This session is to help participants to talk about their wins and challenges in applying the assertiveness strategies and ask any further questions they have.

    Outcome: to acknowledge and celebrate the benefits of improved assertiveness, ability to prioritise and say know and improved negotiation skills that the participants who have applied the learning from the self-paced online learning will have achieved


This webinar is intended to be delivered to the participants from specific workplaces and a webinar series can be scheduled for every fifteen participants who enrol to ensure that all participants can contribute during the webinar.

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