Negotiation Skills Online Course


Negotiation Skills Online Course

The Negotiation Skills Online Course is designed to help build your understanding of Negotiation.

Course Duration: Self-paced average duration 10 hours.

Delivery Model: Self-Paced Online Learning

Modules: Twelve Modules

  1. Getting Started
  2. Understanding Negotiation including the three phases of negotiation and skills for successful negotiation
  3. Getting Prepared including establishing your WATNA and BATNA, Identifying your WAP and ZOPA and personal preparation
  4. Laying the Groundwork including setting the time and place, establishing common ground and the negotiation framework and the negotiation process
  5. Phase One – Exchanging Information including getting off on the right foot, working out what to share and what to keep to yourself.
  6. Phase Two – Bargaining including what to expect, techniques to try and how to break an impasse
  7. About Mutual Gain including three ways to see your options, creating a mutual gain situation, working out what you want, what they want and what we want.
  8. Phase Three – Agreement / Closing including reaching consensus, building agreement and settling the terms of the agreement.
  9. Dealing with Difficult Issues including being prepared for environmental issues, dealing with personal attacks, controlling your emotions and deciding when it is time to walk away
  10. Negotiating Outside the boardroom including adapting the process to smaller negotiations, negotiating by telephone or video meeting and negotiating by email
  11. Negotiating on Behalf of Someone else including choosing the negotiating team, covering all the bases and dealing with tough questions.
  12. Wrapping Up


Ten self-marking quizzes determine your comprehension and provide evidence to allow for your Certificate of Completion to be issued.

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