Negotiation Skills Online Course


Negotiation Skills Online Course


The Negotiation Skills Online Course is designed to help build your understanding of Negotiation.

Course Duration: Self-paced average duration 10 hours.

Delivery Model: Self-Paced Online Learning

Modules: Twelve Modules

  1. Getting Started
  2. Understanding Negotiation
  3. Getting Prepared
  4. Laying the Groundwork
  5. Phase One – Exchanging Information
  6. Phase Two – Bargaining
  7. About Mutual Gain
  8. Phase Three – Closing
  9. Dealing with Difficult Issues
  10. Negotiating Outside the boardroom
  11. Negotiating on Behalf of Someone else
  12. Wrapping Up


Ten self-marking quizzes determine your comprehension and provide evidence to allow for your Certificate of Completion to be issued.

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