Mi Education Provider Membership


Mediation Institute Education Provider Membership provides support for internal complaint handling and independent dispute resolution (iDR) for external complaints and appeals.


Member Services for Education Providers

Mi Education Provider Membership provides the following services to Education Provider Members:

  • A Certificate of Membership to include in your compliance documentation
  • A complimentary review and recommendation report for your internal complaint and appeals handling processes (Normally $330)
  • Training available for staff in complaint handling, assertiveness, conflict resolution and internal complaint handling.
  • Promotion of the use of dispute resolution processes and iDR Services to prevent, manage and resolve conflict and disputes in businesses, workplaces, homes and community organisations.
  • Provision of ongoing professional skills development for dispute resolution professionals and internal dispute resolution personnel
  • Provision of the independent Dispute Resolution (iDR) Service for educational and training organisations throughout Australia in compliance with all standards for an external independent complaint and appeals handling service.

The independent dispute resolution service is available as an independent review body once internal complaint and appeals handing has been exhausted or a conflict of interest requires the appointment of an independent professional mediator to review a complaint or appeal.

Mediation Institute liaises between the education provider and the person with the complaint or appeal, appoints a suitably qualified NMAS Accredited Mediator as the Complaint or Appeal Manager and coordinates the process.

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