Mediation Skills Mentoring Session


A Mediation Skills Mentoring Session is an opportunity for a private one on one mentoring session.

A discount applies to current students or members so make sure you log into our website before purchasing or email office@mediationinstitute.edu.au

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A Mediation Skills Mentoring Session is an opportunity for a private one on one mentoring session (typically one hour in duration) but you can purchase longer periods of time if you think that would be of value for you.

The session is with a professional mediation trainer focused on whatever aspect of the work you want to focus on.

Suitable for:

  • Students wanting more support before your assessment
  • Students wanting even more mentoring following a not yet competent assessment (one mentoring session is already included in our NMAS course in this unlikely circumstance)
  • Graduates wanting some hand-holding before your first mediations
  • Practitioners wanting to debrief following a rough client session
  • Any other situations where you want someone on one time with a professional mentor

The session is held by Video Meeting and provides the opportunity to discuss, focus and build your confidence.

What’s included?

A one-hour video meeting mentoring session with a professional mentor.

What type of Mediation

This might be for you if:

  • you are a NMAS Mediator or training to be one
  • you are a FDR Practitioner or training to be one with another training provider (all mentoring until you are competent is included in the Mediation Institute FDR Training no need to pay extra!)
  • you are a Family Group Conference Facilitator
  • you want help with your Transformative Relationship Mediation practice after certification
  • you are a New Ways for Families Coach and want some additional support
  • any aspect related to professional practice as a dispute resolution professional

Is this a role play?

No this is a mentoring session. If you would like a mentored practice role play we can help with that as well.  Find out more.

If you want to become a NMAS Mediator check out our NMAS Training and Assessment Course.

A 50% discount applies for current Mediation Institute Members or current students.

How do I become a Mediation Institute Member?

If you are a:

  • NMAS Mediator
  • FDR Practitioner
  • Family Group Conference Facilitator

You are welcome to join Mediation Institute for a low annual fee and amazing levels of support.




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Mediation Skills Mentoring Session

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