Child Contact Supervisor Membership


Child Contact Service Supervisor Membership

This membership category commences on the 1st July 2019 and is for qualified and/or experience qualified Child Contact Service providers who are willing to become qualified within 2 years of applying for membership.

Eligibility  Criteria Apply

Please download the membership application. This must be completed and returned with any additional information and attachments before your membership can be finalised.

Download Here – Mi New Child Contact Supervisor Membership Application

Member Benefits Include

  • Child Contact Supervisor Membership to demonstrate that you meet the membership requirements established by Mediation Institute
  • Complaint Handling: Membership includes access to our external complaints service that can address complaints made against you in the role of a child contact supervision worker. You are not required to use our complaint handling service if you are covered by your employer or another association.
  • Professional Development: Free and member rates Professional Development opportunities delivered via eLearning and Video Meeting technology including peer group supervision, practice development mastermind and child contact service provider specific professional development.
  • Professional Community: Networking opportunities with peers in your industry and other family law system workers such as family dispute resolution practitioners
  • Professional Profile: Opportunities to develop and share a professional profile as a child contact service provider and be listed on the Mediation Institute Members Map.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already a Mediation Institute Member. Do I have to pay twice?

No. A member is a member. If you also have qualifications as a NMAS Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Family Group Conference Facilitator or Child Inclusive Practitioner your membership will be endorsed to show your other qualifications and that you provide Child Contact Supervision.

What if I am experienced but not qualified?

We understand that your industry has been very poorly supported in terms of vocational training and so are allowing a period of time for verifiably experienced child contact service providers to gain qualifications that time period will be till the 1st July 2021. We will be distinguishing between vocationally qualified and experience qualified members on member profiles so encourage you to get qualified as soon as you can.

How can I get qualified?

Recognition of Prior Learning – Recognition of prior learning is a process that will allow those who do have current skills and knowledge to participate in an assessment only process to have your skills and knowledge recognised.  Mediation Institute will begin offering this service in July 2019.



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