Chc81115 - Graduate Diploma Of Family Dispute Resolution 2018

Places still available

Mediation Institute has started training the CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution for 2018. We still have places available if your goal is to become a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in 2018.

How to enroll

How does it work?

Mediation Institute offers a personalized training experience for our FDR students. That means that once we start training for the year we use a rolling enrollment model. You can enroll and start when you are ready and join the other students moving through the course.

Won’t I miss out?

No. We run a very active series of webinars throughout the year that you can join in live or watch on recording. If you have specific questions about the course content you can ask when and if a question arises for you.

Online forum discussions provide the opportunity to “discuss” topics using a forum but our live video web meetings are the main discussion times.

The major skills development component of the course is video mediation role plays, optional workshops and then your work placement. Even for those students who started in February they will be ready to progress at different times due to their speed of learning, other commitments and approach.

Do I have to do work placement?

Yes. Some training providers are telling students that role plays with other students or with actors are the same as work placement working under the supervision of an accredited family dispute resolution practitioner with clients. We do not believe that is true. We do not believe that is in accordance with the requirements of the qualification.

Mediation Institute has provisions in place to ensure that you are not short changed in your work experience and you will finish your course with a minimum of 50 hours of work experience and a track record of working with at least five families experiencing conflict.  There is a significant cost associated with providing work placement (which is why the “fudging” is occurring) so if you want Mediation Institute to arrange and provide the  work placement for you there is an additional cost to the course of $2,000.

Places still available

by Paul Kenna Law time to read: 1 min