October 2019 Update Update

October 2019 Update

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  • Welcome our new Members who have joined us in September
  • Thank our renewing Members who have renewed in September
  • Welcome our newest Students
  • New membership categories
  • Heads up on Events in October
  • Member Benefits Program
  • Don’t waste the opportunity – check and update your profiles on the Mi Website
  • Be part of the Mediator Musings Podcast Series.

Welcome to our new  Members in August and September

Check out where they are based and reach out to say hello to those who are near you or share your speciality. 
Let’s make Mediation Institute Membership more and more each day a true collaboration of mediators.


Nmas Membership

NMAS Accredited Mediators


Welcome to our new NMAS Accredited Mediator Members

Fdrp Practitioner

FDR Practitioner Members


Welcome to our new Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner Members

Family Group Conference Facilitator Members

Welcome to our new Family Group Conference Facilitator Members

  • Greg Corben from Conferencing for Families based in Evatt in the ACT



Renewing Members

This last couple of months we had a number of renewing members. Thank you for continuing to learn and share with Mediation Institute.

  • Jacki Leech who is a FDRP members from Brisbane in Queensland
  • Ana Walker who is a FDRP member from Stratford in Queensland
  • Janis Bull who is a NMAS and FDRP member from Bendigo in Victoria
  • Adrienne McNamarra who is a NMAS and FDRP Member from Perth in WA
  • Andrew Foy-Brown who is a NMAS and FDRP Member from Orange in NSW
  • Carl Fisher who is an ex-pat NMAS Mediator working mainly in the US
  •  Cynthia Brooking who is a Mediation Institute Faculty Member, NMAS Mediator and FDRP and based in Pimpama in QLD
  • Brad Marler who is a FDRP Member based in Lyneham in the ACT
  • Salwa Albaz who is a NMAS and FDRP Mediator based in Baulkham Hills in NSW

Welcome to our newest students.

It’s been a busy month with a number of new students on our NMAS Mediator Training and Assessment course and a couple of new students onto our CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution and several new participants in the FDR Property Certificate Course

We hope you are all busy progressing through your courses and remember to call out to one of the team if you need any help.

NMAS Students

If you have been distracted from the course and need some assistance with getting back on track, please get in touch with one of your mentors or assessors. They are brilliant at what they do and genuinely want to help you to achieve your goal of becoming a MEDIATOR. Their knowledge and experience is invaluable. Have a chat and work out a plan of attack that’s right for you.

For those that have been forging ahead…….. Well Done! Keep on going – you’re almost there.

Don’t forget that on the role-play scheduler, there is a tab at the bottom with student contact details. Peer support is sometimes just what the Dr ordered.

FDR and Property FDR Students

For our CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution students the transition from the old course structure to the new course was flawless (well, maybe not flawless) but it’s done.
If you think that something is missing with your assessments or any other part of the course assignments, please contact Joanne Law to discuss. Nothing has been deleted or lost, it just might be in the wrong spot. Easily fixed though!

Again, if you are having trouble getting stuck into the assignments or role plays or just keep putting it off until tomorrow – we all know that tomorrow never comes! Please contact your mentors. 

Mentors are a great way to build your confidence and also to de-brief with or discuss role-plays or assignments. They have walked in your shoes and know that it’s hard to stay focused. Our lives are so busy but if you just put aside a small amount of time each week, (that is dedicated to your course, ) you’ll be finished in no time at all.

If you didn’t already know – The FDR Role play scheduler has a tab at the bottom with your contact details. If you’re having trouble – 2 heads are better than one. Peer collaboration and support is a great.

Don’t forget to book in for your role plays and get those assessments done! Well Done and Thank you to all students that put their names down, this also helps fellow students progress in the course. We honestly couldn’t do it without you! 

Video Meeting Facilitation Course

Those of you on the course who have been drifting along may find the next group session an opportunity to get focused and get certified.

It is a very easy course with a few basic skills to demonstrate for certification.  Easy for me to say as I’ve been using Video Meeting Technology almost every day in my work but it just takes a bit of practice.

Book in for the next practice session

New Membership Categories

We have re-thought our strategy around membership categories and have decided that our practitioner membership will be only for roles where you work as a neutral facilitator.  The new category for Coaches will be discontinued however practitioner members who are coaches, advocates and other roles where you work with a single party can highlight these areas of practice on your profiles.


Events Calendar

Is your profile up to date?

Your profile on Mediation Institute is one of the ways you can highlight your skills, expertise and availability for dispute resolution work.

Are you wasting the opportunity?

We are keen to get member profiles updated and with a photograph for each member and a link to your LinkedIn profile.

If you are available for client work then we would also like to show that on your profile and provide you as much opportunity as possible to be found by the right clients for your skills  and qualifications.   

Please log in and update your profile –https://www.mediationinstitute.edu.au/member-portal/login/

  • All
  • Business Mediation
  • Community Mediation
  • FDR Practitioner
  • Multilingual Mediator
  • NMAS Mediator
  • Private Practice
  • State: ACT
  • State: QLD
  • State: SA
  • State: WA
  • Workplace Mediation

Would you like to be interviewed?

Be part of the Meditator Musings Podcast series and share your insights about dispute resolution with others in the industry.

Check out the series –https://www.mediationinstitute.edu.au/mediator-musings-podcast/


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October 2019 Update

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