Mediator Gap Training and Accreditation Assessment

Who this program is for

The Mediator Gap Training and Accreditation Assessment program is for people who have completed training in mediation but have not accredited:

  • you completed a mediator training program within the past 24 months but did not sit the assessment role play
  • you completed a mediator training program within the past 24 months but was not assessed as competent in the assessment
  • you completed a mediator training program within the past 24 months and was assessed as competent but it was more than 6 months ago and you never applied for accreditation
  • you are seeking NMAS accreditation through one of the experience qualified pathways and want to brush up before being assessed

Who this program is not for you if:

 Purpose of the Program

To provide an opportunity to refresh the mediators knowledge and skills and assess them against the NMAS Accreditation requirements.

Course Overview

The course is offered as a structured yet flexible program that can be completed in a short time or over several weeks.

The course may be delivered fully online via eLearning and Video Mediation or may include online learning plus workshop participation. More time will be required to be allocated for the workshop delivery model (2 days) in addition to the online part of the course.

Total minimum time commitment for the fully online version of the course is ten (10 hours)

NMAS Gap Training and AssessmentThe course design consists of:-

  • Online learning – you will have full access and the opportunity to complete our course including viewing of recorded webinars and role plays.
  • Online learning quizzes and questionnaires to review your theoretical understanding.
  • 2 x 90 minute mediation role play as a role player (allow two hours for each)
  • 1 x 90 minute mediation role plays as a mediator. (allow two hours for each)
  • 1 x 90 minute assessment role play (allow two hours for each)

Total cost of the Gap Training and Assessment Course is $990 including GST

You will be able to sit a 2nd assessment role play at no extra cost should you require it.

Please contact us with information about the course you previously completed to proceed Contact Us to find out more.

Course Outcome

NMAS Accreditation – After successfully completing the course you will be eligible to apply for NMAS accreditation with Mediation Institute or any other Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body.

Our Costs for NMAS Accreditation

  • Membership for two years including NMAS Accreditation fees is $320 per member.
  • If you require insurance we have an arrangement with an underwriter for $200 plus state tax for Mediators, Arbitrators and Family Group Conference Facilitators
  • Membership includes a complaint handling service suitable for NMAS Mediators, FDR Practitioners and Family Group Conference Facilitators,
  • free webinars and other professional development opportunities
  • free access to mediation role plays
  • discounts on workshops and more

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NMAS Mediator Gap Training and Assessment

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