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New Ways for Families Coach Training

This course will provide the knowledge and skills needed to provide coaching for clients to help them to prepare for mediation or to share care of children after separation. The course fee includes all training and assessment delivered online at your own pace.

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who work people who work with parents experiencing relationship conflict.

It is suitable for mediators, family dispute resolution practitioners, relationship counsellors, children’s contact service workers, intake workers and other service providers working in the context of family law.


If your clients are involved with family law you need this knowledge to provide high quality services.


Delivery Model

Mediation Institute provides this training and assessment by eLearning.

That means that students can undertake the course and be assessed for competence in providing New Ways for Families Coaching from anywhere in Australia.

The course is self-paced allowing you to complete the course at your preferred pace.

Theory is learnt via online learning which includes recorded and live webinars discussing different aspects of the skills and knowledge you require to work with parents to help them to learn and apply the 4 big skills in the context of dealing with the stresses of parenting and especially with post separation parenting. 

Skills development is facilitated by live mentored video meeting role plays with other students. You will be mentored by a qualified Certified New Ways for Families Coach.

 Course Duration

The course takes about 40 hours to complete. 

The course includes live mentoring in a minimum of twelve hours of live video meeting role plays to practice your coaching skills. 

The course also has a recorded training undertaken by Bill Eddy from the High Conflict Institute in the US the creator of the original version of the New Ways for Families Course.

 You have six months to complete the course although could complete it in as little as a month if you had the time to do it that intensively.  Role plays are able to be scheduled in the day or evening at mutually convenient times. 
Coaches have ongoing access to the course for access to updates and additional opportunities to collaborate and learn with other coaches around the country.

Learn from Mediation Institute
The mediation training specialists.

Course Content Includes:

Information about the coach training and how to license as a New Ways for Families Coach with the High Conflict Institute. 

  • Recorded Video Training with Bill Eddy from the High Conflict Institute. 
  • Social return on Investment Study 
  • Introduction to EAR Statements
  • Introduction to BIFF
  • Introduction to using Proposals with High Conflict People
  • Instructions for Completing the New Ways for Families Parents Course. 


Bonus Content:  

  • Step by Step Guide to the New Ways for Mediation Method
  • When to Avoid Making Proposals
  • Avoid Story Telling 
  • Video Training with Bill Eddy
  1. Module 1: Coping with Stress (Managed Emotions)
  2. Module 2: Flexible Thinking
  3. Module 3: Avoiding Over-Reacting (Moderate Behaviours)
  4. Module 4: Checking Yourself
  5. Module 5: Extreme Behaviours and the effects on your child’s brain
  6. Module 6: Raising Healthy Children
  7. Module 7: Child Development Goals
  8. Module 8: Parenting Schedules
  9. Module 9: Using Professionals
  10. Module 10: New Partners and New Families
  11. Module 11: Handling Financial Issues as Co-Parents
  12. Module 12: How to avoid becoming a “high conflict” case
  • Certificate Request
  • Licensing with the High Conflict Institute
  • Marketing and Sales for New Ways Coaches

New Ways Coach Training

Training and Assessment
$ 990
  • Up to 6 months to complete the online learning required
  • Learn theory through self-paced eLearning
  • Webinar tutorials and discussions
  • practice role plays by video meeting technology