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Mediation Institute is a low cost but very supportive membership association for mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners.

Our membership offering is designed to be accessible, individualized and engaging for busy professional mediators who want to either join webinars to access CPD without travel or access tools, resources and video recordings when they want them.

With a fully approved Independent Complaint Handling service for Mediators and FDR Practitioners, we have all the bases covered for what you need from your professional body as a mediator.

Mi RMAB Membership is available to NMAS Accredited Mediators (and those applying for accreditation) dispute resolution students and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

Requirements for Membership

All membership applicants must be currently enrolled in mediation or dispute resolution training (student membership) or have completed assessment for NMAS Mediator Accreditation or Family Dispute Resolution.

New Membership Application

Use this form if you would like to apply for your first accrediation as a NMAS mediator.

You must have completed an appropriate course or alternative assessment pathway.

Renewal Application

Use this form if you would like to apply for renewal of your accrediation as a NMAS mediator with Mediation Institue RMAB.

Mediation Institute Membership Application (Not including NMAS Accreditation)

Use this form if you would like Mediation Institute Membership but not to apply for NMAS Accreditation through Mediation Institute.

For those who are:

  1. currently accredited as a NMAS Mediator with another RMAB,
  2. a current student of a dispute resolution course,
  3. are applying for FDR Practitioner Accreditation and need an approved complaint handling service and do not want to also apply for NMAS Accreditation,
  4. are a current FDR Practitioner but are not interested in NMAS Accreditation.

An Open Letter from Mediation Institute

We would like to invite you to join our new Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB).

Mediation Institute has been providing training in mediation and family dispute resolution for several years. When we decided to become a RMAB we spoke to our students and graduates about what they wanted in a RMAB and have designed Mi RMAB in line with their feedback.

Below is a list of the top six things that they asked for and which we deliver.

  1. Low Cost –  it is only $320 for two years membership including NMAS Accreditation. If you are a FDR Practitioner but don’t maintain NMAS Accreditation and just need to be a member for the other member benefits  it is even less, only $220 for two years.
  2. Accessible Free Professional Development – Free one hour Professional Development webinars are offered covering the following five streams. Mediator Skills – Family Dispute Resolution – Ethics – Practice Management – Learning from experience.  Members can also participate in video mediation role plays as mentors and also in the workshops we hold from time to time. If you have a message to share you can also propose to present at one of our webinars (3 hours CPD for a 1 hour webinar)
  3. Mentoring / Mentee opportunities – finding a mentor or acting as a mentor can be difficult. The Mediation Institute training team act as mentors for new mediators and we are in the process of establishing a “matchmaking service” for mediators and FDRP’s  who are interested in mentoring and co-mediating and new mediators. We are also establishing peer supervision groups where practitioners can talk privately and confidentially about cases in order to seek perspectives, debrief or share insights.
  4. Low Cost Insurance – we can refer members to an Australian insurance company who underwrite a professional indemnity insurance policy for Mediators and FDR Practitioners for $200 plus state taxes (between $220 and $245 in total depending on where you are based)
    This pays for your own policy not one shared with every other member of your RMAB which also means you can customize your cover should your business needs require it.
  5. Complaints Handling Service that meets NMAS and FDR requirements – our complaints handling service covers complaints made about mediation and FDR services and meets the requirements of the Mediators Standards Board and the Australian Attorney Generals Department. We are strong advocates for high quality, ethical mediation services and use the complaint handling service to help mediators proactively avoid complaints about their services through good practice and practice management.
  6. Discounts on workshops and group buying – members of Mi RMAB receive advance notice, discounts and additional benefits from Mediation Institute workshops and other training services. We are also happy to work with members for group buying opportunities for training with other providers, conferences, software and other mediator related goods and services.

Some of the frequently asked questions about our RMAB.

What if I have current NMAS accreditation with another RMAB – can I still join to gain the other benefits?

You can either transfer to Mi RMAB if you don’t want to continue as a member of the other RMAB or be a member of both and gain access to all of our member benefits except for complaint handling.

  • If you transfer your NMAS Accreditation to Mediation Institute you will be covered by our Complaint Handling Service.
  • If you join but don’t transfer your NMAS Accreditation any NMAS complaints would be directed to organisation your NMAS accreditation is with.
  • If you join as a FDR Practitioner or student but are not NMAS accredited any complaints will be covered by our Complaint Handling Service unless you indicate that you have an alternative service.

If you transfer your NMAS Accreditation we will complete the transfer for you and there will be no MSB fee payable until your next NMAS renewal.

What is the cost if I transfer my accreditation mid term?

  • If you have less than 12 months till your NMAS Accreditation is due it is only $120 to join the Mi RMAB.
  • If you have less than 24 months till your NMAS Accreditation is due it is only $220 to join the Mi RMAB.

What if I don’t meet the NMAS Renewal requirements for practice hours?

We offer a NMAS Re-Accreditation Course – this mediator refresher course is  gap training and reassessment for your re-accreditation if you do not meet the professional development or practice hours requirements under NMAS.  It takes about ten hours to complete and costs $695.  It can be completed fully online with video mediation or you can join one of our workshops for part of the practical skills training.

Don’t let this happen in the future – sign up to our mentoring program to assist new mediators – co-mediate their clients and keep up your practice hours.

How do I join?

Download the appropriate form and return it to begin the application process.

How do I find out about Professional Development opportunities?

Sign up for our Mi RMAB newsletter as well to get information and updates about PD opportunities, news and information.  Mi RMAB Newsletter Subscription



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