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Peer Group Supervision

Mi Peer Supervision

Back by popular demand we will be re-introducing peer supervision every second Thursday evening.

Who is it for?

Peer supervision is for Mediation Institute Members  who want to talk about case issues and situations with their peers. 

How does it work?

The event will run every 2nd Thursday evening from 7.30  pm Victorian time.  

The supervision is live and online so that no one misses out. We’ll be using the Mi Mediator Network you will be able to organise and share resources. 

In the Network we use  the spaces to share resources and chatter between live sessions

Why join the Network?

The network has grown to 244 members so far in 2022 and provides you with social media like ability to ask questions, share your perspectives, see when events are on and simply RSVP with a downloadable calendar invite and more. 

Did I mention that it is free? 

The question isn’t why join the Mi Mediators Network it should be why wouldn’t you?  


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