Peer group supervision

Mi Peer Supervision

Back by popular demand we will be re-introducing peer supervision every second Monday evening.

Who is it for?

Peer supervision is for any dispute resolution practitioner who wants to talk about case issues and situations.

How does it work?

The event will run every 2nd Monday evening from 7 pm.  

Using the Mi Members Groups (we’ve set up a new group you can join) you will be able to organise and share resources. 

The goal is to have a group for each of our practitioner member types: 

  •  NMAS Mediators (can sub group depending on the number of participants each week),
  • FDR practitioner Group and
  • Family Group Conference Facilitator Group.

How do I join the Mi Peer Supervision Members Group?

  1. Log into the Learning Management System Mi Members and Students Course – Mi Members & Students (study247.online)
  2. Click on People on the course menu 


3. Click on Groups to view the groups available to you. 

Note that you can click on the three dots to the right of the page to make the groups the default view. 

4. Search or scroll to find the Mi Peer Group Supervision Group and join it. You may also like to join or visit any other groups that interest you. 

Groups allow members to identify yourself and identify other members who are interested in a specific topic, type of mediation or focus area.  

Why join the Groups?

The group areas make it easy to share information among members only and to allow you to share resources etc. 

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Mi Peer Supervision

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