Mi NMAS Mediator Refresher Course

The Mi NMAS Mediator Refresher Course is designed for mediators who do not meet the re-accreditation requirements for automatic NMAS re-accreditation.

This course is for you if you have not completed the minimum required hours of mediation and professional development required for re-accreditation.

Renewal Obligations

NMAS Accredited Mediators must comply with the following professional practice and professional development obligations in each two year renewal cycle:

  • 25 hours of Mediation
  • 25 hours of mediation related Professional Development

See our Renewal Application Form for details – Mi-RMAB-Application-Renewal

Purpose of the Course

To provide refresher professional development training and a skills re-assessment.

Course Overview

You will be enrolled in an abridged form of the Mi NMAS Accreditation Course with the opportunity to review the course material and to complete the following activities:

  • NMAS Quiz to ensure that you know your obligations as a NMAS Accredited Mediator
  • Conflict vrs Abusive Control Discussion
  • Pre-Mediation Quiz
  • Mediation Process Quiz
  • Ethical Practice Discussion
  • Marketing and Selling Mediation Services Q&A

You will be required to participate in a minimum of two role plays as a role player and participate in feedback sessions prior to a NMAS Re-accreditation Assessment role play.

  • NMAS Mediator Refresher CourseRole Play 1 – Role Player – Mediation Role Play
  • Role Play 2 – Role Player – Mediation Role Play
  • Role Play 3 – Mediator – NMAS Re-assessment Role Play

Total cost of the refresher course is $650 including GST

What if I fail the re-accreditation assessment?

If your skills are very rusty or you do not prepare adequately for your re-assessment role play you may find that you are not assessed as competent.
You can request an additional assessment role play for $380.

If you believe that passing your assessment may be challenging we’d suggest that you complete the Gap Training and Assessment Course.

Course Outcome

After successfully completing your NMAS Re-accreditation Role Play assessment and the course work you will be eligible for re-accreditation as NMAS Accredited Mediator.

We will provide you with a Certificate of Competence indicating that you have completed the refresher course and competence assessment with Mediation Institute.

Membership including NMAS Accreditation fees with Mediation Institute is $320 for two years.

Membership includes a complaint handling service suitable for NMAS Mediators and FDR Practitioners, free webinars and other professional development opportunities.

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NMAS Mediator Refresher Course

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