Mediation Institute Membership Update: October 2021

Mediation Institute is very much focused on helping our members to be making a difference in Australia through your dispute resolution services.  

Jobs and Contracts

We monitor and share employment opportunities for or related to mediation including contract roles, part time positions and full time jobs that may require or highly regard NMAS qualifications. If you are looking for more work or the stability of a contract or permanent part time job make sure you are getting emails from our Learning Management System so you get the job updates.  

All Members have access to https://mi.study247.online/ and you will find the job ads in the State or Territory Groups sorted by location and month they were advertised. 

Practice Development Mastermind and Resources

Those of you who want the flexibility and higher pay of working as an independent dispute resolution practitioner likely realise that means setting up or expanding your own professional services business.  Our Practice Development Mastermind is a monthly opportunity to get together with your peers and discuss all things practice development. Resources and guides are available in the Private Practice Mediators Group in our learning management system. https://mi.study247.online/groups/40/wiki 


International Mediation Awareness Week

Remember that the Mi Members and Students course area has all sorts of resources available for you for free.  Mi Members & Students (study247.online)

Welcome to our new and renewing members.  


Click on the member’s name to visit their profile.

 Suyheang Kry – NMAS Mediator – Cambodia | Sarah Hinchliffe – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Anita King – NMAS Mediator – SA | Kerri Pietens – FDR Practitioner –  WA| Ana Walker – NMAS Mediator and FDR Practitioner – QLD |Janis Bull – NMAS Mediator and FDR Practitioner – VIC | Andrew Foy-Brown – NMAS Mediator and FDR Practitioner – NSW |  Sina Hashemi Fesharaky – FDR Practitioner – VIC | Margo Orbell – NMAS Mediator and FDR Practitioner – QLD | Jacqueline ‘Jacqui’ Orwell – FDR Practitioner, NMAS Mediator and FGC – NSW | Eve Clare – NMAS Mediator, FDR Practitioner and FGC Facilitator – QLD | Mark Shumsky – NMAS Mediator – NSW | Gabrielle ‘Elle’ Boyd – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Nicole Koelewijn – NMAS Mediator – WA | Kerime Danis – NMAS Mediator – NSW | David Hennessy – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Cynthia Brooking – NMAS Mediator, FDR Practitioner and FGC Facilitator – QLD | Troy Constance – NMAS Mediator – NSW | William Francis – NMAS Mediator – QLD || Jacqui Joseph – NMAS Mediator – NSW | Jennifer ‘Jenny’ West – NMAS Mediator – TAS | Ngadhi Family Services – FGC Facilitator – NSW | Madalanne Taylor – FGC Facilitator – NSW | Merv Taylor – FGC Facilitator – NSW | Chandrika D’Mello – NMAS – WA | Megan Morris – FDR Practitioner – QLD | Bonnie Douglas – FDR Practititoner – NSW | Antonia Fontana – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Riaz Ahamad – NMAS Mediator – WA | Sherry Wilson – NMAS Mediator – NSW | Salwa Albaz – FDR Practitioner and NMAS Mediator – NSW | Bonny Wallace – FDR Practitioner – QLD | Deepa Jayachandran – NMAS Meditator and FDR Practitioner – NSW 

Directory Pages for our main member categories

Free Professional Development

Regular and Special Events

Links to register to these and other events are available on the Mi Events Calendar.   https://www.mediationinstitute.edu.au/events/ 

Find out more about our members

NMAS Accredited Mediators
% of our members who are NMAS Accreditation 70%

Rose Manousaridis

Rose Manousaridis NMAS Mediator Rose Manousaridis is a NMAS Mediator located in Sydney, New South Wales. More about Rose Manousaridis   Rose has had a long career as a school

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Sherry L. Wilson

Sherry L. Wilson NMAS Mediator Sherry L. Wilson is a NMAS Mediator located in Tuncurry, New South Wales. More about Sherry I am a NMAS Accredited Mediator based in the

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Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners
% of our members who are Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners 32%

Bonny Wallace

Bonny Wallace  Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner Bonny Wallace is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner located in Laidley, Queensland. More about Bonny Wallace   Bonny Wallace provides professional family dispute resolution

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Leila Aria

Leila Aria  Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner Leila Aria is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner located in Brisbane, Queensland. More about Leila Aria  Leila Aria is an Accredited FDR Practitioner working

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Family Group Conference Facilitators
% who are Family Group Conference Facilitators 18%

Sandra Kettlewell

Sandra Kettlewell is a Family Group Conference Facilitator and a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner located in Nowra, New South Wales.

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COVID-19 Vaccine

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Mediation Institute Membership Update: October 2021

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