Membership Update – November 2020

Welcome to our new and renewing members over the past two months.  

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Abid MujalaNMAS Mediator – VIC | Annalise Antoniou – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Judith Flowers – NMAS Mediator – NSW  | Lisa Farrugia – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Matthew Karakoulakis – NMAS  Mediator- VIC | Jessica Kastoun – NMAS Mediator and FDRP – NSW | Solitare Meerman – NMAS Mediator – VIC | James Kenna – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Lisa Walker – FDRP – VIC | Jo-Anne Cottee – FGC Member – NSW | Seak Manor – FGC Facilitator – NSW | Samantha (Sam) Langran – NMAS Mediator- NSW ||Kylie Charlton – NMAS  Mediator and FDRP – QLD | Andrew Wilson – NMAS Mediator  – NSW | Kathleen Yeoman – NMAS Mediator – QLD | Daniel Diesendorf – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Kelly Hunt – FGC Facilitator – NSW | Paul Korchok – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Claire Gill – FDRP – WA | Kathy Archer – FDRP – NSW

We invite all members to make use of the opportunity to have a full profile by providing us with your Mediators CV with all of your relevant qualifications, a photo and details of your approach to mediation. It’s free and useful if you are building your professional profile to have a free upgrade of your professional profile on the Mediation Institute website.

Professional Development Information

It’s a short month for professional development, the team will be taking a small break from 18th December to mid January 2021. 

There are other events from the Family Law Pathways Network and the Australian Institute of Family Studies on our website – check out the Mi Calendar for more  information. 

New in 2021

In 2021 we will be increasing our range of independent dispute resolution servcies from providing membership based complaint handling for the dispute resolution industry to three new industries.

We will be providing independent complaint handling including mediation, investigation, consulting and education in dispute resolution for the following industries.

  • Training and Education in compliance with obligations to local and international students.
  • Aged Care in compliance with the Aged Care Act 1997 and other obligations.
  • Disability Services in compliance with state and federal obligations.

Why the expansion?

Compliance with legal and ethical obligations is a challenging area of work, often clouded by competing demands. 

Failure to comply with obligations and human rights is an issue we have seen during the pandemic, mostly through well-intentioned but misguided or ill informed action taken by staff.  In some cases non-compliance has been as a result of reckless disregards of the rights and obligations towards residents, recipients or students. 

Mediation Institute is well placed to make a positive difference with our capacity to provide flexible, reasonably priced training, professional independent complaint handling and intervention services through our panel of dispute resolution practitioner members.

Stay tuned for opportunities to upskill to be a specialist in one or more of these dispute resolution specialisations.


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Online Peer group Supervision

Free monthly FDR Supervision for Mediation Institute Members and FDR students.   Come along and talk about cases and scenarios.

In the practice development mastermind we will review progress in 2020 and look forward to building sustainable professional practices in 2021. 

Our most recent members

NMAS Accredited Mediators
% of total members who have NMAS Accreditation 66%

Lisa Bell

Lisa Bell is a NMAS Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner located in Mt Evelyn, Victoria.

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Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners
% of total members who are Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners 38%

Lisa Bell

Lisa Bell is a NMAS Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner located in Mt Evelyn, Victoria.

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Family Group Conference Facilitators
% who are FGC 's 19%

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Membership Update – November 2020

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