Membership Update – March 2021

Welcome to our new and renewing members over the past two months.  

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Dino De Marchi – NMAS – VIC | Ken Speakman – NMAS Mediator, FDR Practitioner and FGC Facilitator – QLD | Amelia Koh-Butler – NMAS Mediator – NSW | Ambika Zutshi – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Daniel Moren – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Julia Barling – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Lisa Bell – NMAS Mediator and FDRP – VIC | Tatiana Callanan – NMAS Mediator – NSW | Susan Marsenic – NMAS – NSW | Shane McClure – NMAS Mediator and FDR Practitioner – Vic|| Jagdeep Bhatia – NMAS Mediator -WA | Abigail  ‘Abby’ Wildsmith – FDR Practitioner – QLD | Laura Daley – NMAS Mediator – NSW | Suzanne Pinyon – NMAS Mediator – SA | Sian Dyce -NMAS Mediator – NSW | Feeby (Amy) Fong – NMAS Mediator – QLD | Deborah Acason – NMAS Mediator – QLD | Tamara Allen – NMAS Mediator – QLD | Chrystal Dillon – NMAS Mediator – QLD | Matthias Foo – NMAS Mediator – WA | Belinda Williams – NMAS Mediator – NSW | Tania Thompson – NMAS Mediator – NSW | Vanessa Pattison – FGC Facilitator  – ACT | Barbara Jenner – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Iveta Bales – FDR Practitioner – ACT |

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Professional Development Information

We’re into the March already!

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Mediator Musings Podcast with Venita

Director of Applied Learning Ken Speakman and member Venita Dimos chatted in our latest episode of Mediator Musings. You can find it here if you missed it. 

Ongoing Professional Development update for FDRP's

The Attorney Generals Department will be auditing FDRP’s to ensure that you are completing the mandatory 24 hours of FDR specific professional development activities. 

NMAS Review

The review of the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) is well underway with workshops now completed. The next step will be a comprehensive survey.  If you would like an update please visit the NMAS Review website. 

Call for Submissions National Mediation Conference

Call for submissions close 14th March 2021 for the National Mediation Conference.  Download more information here. 

Our most recent members

NMAS Accredited Mediators
% of total members who have NMAS Accreditation 63%
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners
% of total members who are Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners 38%
Family Group Conference Facilitators
% who are FGC 's 22%

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Membership Update – March 2021

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