Membership Update – July 2020

Welcome to our newest members


We had a 24% increase in new members over the past three months compared to 2019.  We continue to offer supervision and discussion style professional development activities rather than microphone off lecture sytle webinars. Where there are good quality webinars available we are happy to share that information out to our members via the Mediation Institute events calendar. 

NMAS Accredited Mediators
% of total members who have NMAS Accreditation 61%
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners
% of total members who are Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners 39%

Rebecca Flick

Rebecca Flick Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner Rebecca Flick is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner working with Emery Partners in Cessnock, NSW. More about Rebecca   Rebecca Flick has worked in

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Jessica Ashby-Boyd

Jessica Ashby-Boyd  Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Family Lawyer Jessica is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Family Lawyer. I love helping families through tough times such as divorce and

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Elizabeth Reardon (Libby)

Elizabeth Reardon (Libby) is a creative problem solver and experienced family lawyer who has chosen to focus her practice on non-adversarial dispute resolution and settlement. She is a trained Collaborative

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Melinda Nutting

Melinda Nutting is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Providing services (including Child Inclusive) through her private practice in East Geelong VIC.

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Family Group Conference Facilitators
% who are FGC 's 16.5%

Interact Online

Two of the biggest problems that mediators identify are:

  1. Gaining experience following accreditation
  2. Maintaining NMAS accreditation if they are doing other work and not mediation work ( 25 hours minimum are required every 2 years)

Mediation Institute aims to help our members to overcome these problems as part of establishing an accessible, affordable dispute resolution services. 

The Interact Online Program will provide opportunities for new mediators to develop your skills and for experienced mediators to pick up extra contract work. 

Find out more about Interact Online.

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Membership Update – July 2020

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