Membership Update – December 2020

Welcome to our new and renewing members over the past two months.  

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Kylie Charlton – NMAS  Mediator and FDRP – QLD | Andrew Wilson – NMAS Mediator  – NSW | Kathleen Yeoman – NMAS Mediator – QLD | Daniel Diesendorf – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Kelly Hunt – FGC Facilitator – NSW | Paul Korchok – NMAS Mediator – VIC | Claire Gill – FDRP – WA | Kathy Archer – FDRP – NSW || Deborah Akers – NMAS – VIC | Janet ‘Leonie’ Bailey – NMAS – VIC | Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Spiteri – NMAS – VIC | Daniel Steiner – NMAS – NSW | Amelia Swan – NMAS – VIC | Natasha Jackson – FGC Facilitator – NSW | Joanne Croxton – FDRP – QLD | Vicky Chen – NMAS – NSW | Leanne Bassett – FGC Facilitator – NSW | Tracey Emanuel – NMAS – NSW 

This year we will be working on more granular searching for members through our website for potential clients. New categories are:

  •  Private Practice – this category is for anyone who takes on client work directly (the alternative is not currently working or working for an employer only)
  • Indigenous Practitioner -we’ve spoken with several of our Aboriginal members who indicated that they would like to be identifiable as indigenous by potential clients and each other. This is an opt in category.

We would also like to facilitate the finding of members who have other areas of specialist expertise.  The ones that spring to mind are our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) members who have a 2nd or more languages that you can work professionally in.

There are other specialty areas that we can identify if you want us to.

Current New Pages


Professional Development Information

Wishing you and your staff a Happy New Year. 

Other events may be advertised on the Events Calendar.

New in 2021

We are working on new courses, programs and ways to support members.

Conflict Coaching – The Source Code

An exciting development that many members have been waiting for is a Conflict Coaching Course built from the ground up by Venita Dimos, Susie Rayner and Joanne Law.  
We’ll be releasing an opportunity for beta testers in due course. We are subtitling the course Conflict Coaching but we don’t love the term.  What we will be training you in is how to help people to de-escalate situations and prevent them escalating where possible.  Interpersonal coaching would be more accurate but don’t worry you will also be able to be certified as a Conflict Coach if you need that professionally.

Members Survey

Hold up your phone camera to the screen to use the QR code or click on this link to do the survey. 


Professional Development Activities in 2021

We will be running two main weekly webinars:

  • Q & A and Discussion on Tuesdays – this will replace the Monday Mediator Mentoring and Techy Tuesday and provide opportunities to members and students to attend live or request an answer by sending an email to ask@mediationinstitute.edu.au 
  • Family Dispute Resolution Tutorial and Discussion on Wednesdays – this will provide more support and focus for our FDR students and also be an opportunity for our members to stay up to date with the latest information about Family Disptue Resolution Related topics.
  • We will continue the monthly group supervision for our Family Group Conference Facilitators.

Other regular groups may arise out of the project to refine the membership directory categories on the website.

Our most recent members

NMAS Accredited Mediators
% of total members who have NMAS Accreditation 63%

Lisa Bell

Lisa Bell is a NMAS Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner located in Mt Evelyn, Victoria.

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Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners
% of total members who are Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners 38%

Lisa Bell

Lisa Bell is a NMAS Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner located in Mt Evelyn, Victoria.

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Family Group Conference Facilitators
% who are FGC 's 22%

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Planning for 2021

End of year survey 2020 to 2021

This survey is for Mediation Institute members and students who intend on becoming members to help us with our 2021 planning and 2020 review of the year we have just had.

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Membership Update – December 2020

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