Visual Mediation

What is Visual Mediation?

Visual Mediation is an approach to mediation making use of visual communication strategies to improve understanding and engagement by clients.

Mediation Institute has been sharing the work of Lisa Aurora starting with a webinar called “Let’s get Visual” where Lisa shared with us her methodology.

Click on this link to watch the Let’s Get Visual video recording of the discussion we had about Visual Mediation.


April 2019 Webinar Recording

In April 2019 Lisa did a webinar that was at 2 am for most of us in Australia but you can watch the recording of that webinar.

In the webinar Lisa responds to questions about:

  • • Is working visually only appropriate for joint sessions? What if I’m working in shuttle format in a commercial mediation?
    • How do lawyers respond to visual mediation? Do they think it trivializes things?
    • Is this like mind mapping?
    • Is there a hierarchy of fonts?
    • What about the logistics? Do you work on a whiteboard, or paper? What happens when you run out of space?

December 2018 Webinar Recording

In December 2018 Lisa did another webinar in the small hours of the morning for us in Australia but you can watch the recording of that webinar.

In the webinar Lisa talks about:

  • The problem that visual communication solves for parties in mediation
  • 3 ways that visual communication can be applied to your process
  • Why visual communication is so powerful for parties in resolving issues and disputes
  • What a first attempt to work visually is like
  • Why you can work visually even if you believe you can’t draw
Mediator Musings with Daniel Myers

Mediator Musings with Daniel Myers

Daniel Myers is a family lawyer and mediator based in Melbourne. In this episode of Mediator Musings he talks about the journey literally and in terms of his knowledge that has brought him to where he is today.

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Free Resources on Visual Mediation

Visit Lisa’s website for more information and free resources including:

  • The Visual Mediation Agenda – a visual mediation agenda template and guide that you can download for free
  • A free 3 part training series –  which helps with steps to take, and avoid, when starting out with visual mediation
  • A 5 Step blueprint: for how to take advantage of visual communication in your professional practice.

Click to visit Lisa’s Free Resources Page

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