Do you have a Mediators Resume?

This will be of interest for any of our members who are looking for a job, looking for private work as a mediator or wanting to list on one of our directories.

A Resume is a summary of your skills, qualifications, accreditations and achievements and provides a quick way for someone who is considering working with you to see what your skills are.

Job Hunting

Having an attractive CV is an important part of standing out if you are searching for a job. Yes it should be about your skills, qualifications and passion for your work but the reality is that the initial stage of any recruitment process is culling the applications for most employers. A scrappy, poorly formatted CV might be all it takes for you to end up in the reject pile.

Mediation Work

One thing that still surprises me is the number of mediators who don’t have a Mediators Resume. The resume should include your qualifications, accreditations, contact information and showcase either your experience as a mediator or if you don’t have much experience yet your background experience and qualifications.

Don’t leave home without it! You never know when you will be speaking with someone who knows someone who needs help with dispute resolution. If you have handy your one page resume it is a lot more effective than handing over a business card, especially if it has a bit of personality and looks great.

Resume Making Tools


I’ve just found an interesting tool that is easy to use and has a free version and pretty low cost paid version. That’s what prompted this post along with conversations with mediators who don’t have a mediators CV.

The tool is called Novoresume – Here is the link.

We are not associated with them in any way and I just found it this morning. I’ve created a resume. Using the free version I made something that I think it looks pretty good. What do you think? Joanne’s Resume (this link will download it so look where ever downloads go on the browser you use.)

Microsoft Office

The office suite has some great free templates available. If you don’t have the latest version of office get in touch as we can provide our member and students with free access to the latest version of the Microsoft tools through our Office 365 Subscription.

What other tools do you love?

If you use a different tool that you recommend let us know and we’ll update this post.


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