Mi Community Support Online

A collaboration of dispute resolution professionals to support each other and our local communities throughout Australia.

Mi Community Support Online

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Mi Community Support Online

This service is staffed and resourced by independent dispute resolution practitioners and supported by Mediation Institute and other organisations. Scroll down for more information about our supporters. This program is designed to ensure that cost is not a barrier and we have volunteers to assist if you are experiencing financial hardship.

Negotiation Support

Phone or video support to help you to prepare for negotiation, to develop a proposal or just have the opportunity to discuss your situation with a dispute resolution professional who may know about options or resources that you don't.

Community Mediation

Mediation Services to facilitate negotiation between you and someone else such as a landlord, tenant, creditor or other person you have a contract or client relationship with that has been impacted by job loss, income reduction or mandatory closures.

Family Dispute Resolution

Professional support to renegotiate parenting agreements, negotiate for phone or video contact with children, financial or property settlement negotiations. Ideal for people faced with waiting lists for government family services.

Relationship Mediation

For people finding that social isolation in the home is bringing to a head relationship issues that were able to be ignored in the past when work and other outside activities were possible. Facilitated by professional mediators by video meeting.

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Mi Community Support

Our Amazing Supporting Organisations

Mediation Institute is a business that trains and supports dispute resolution practitioners throughout Australia and internationally through partnerships.  They specialise in online learning and support for their students and members.

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Role in Mi Community Support Online.

Mediation Institute coordinates and provides some of the technology that supports the Mi Community Support Online program including:

MODRON is a dispute resolution case management platform used to support the Mi Community
Support Online program. It incorporates communication, file management and issue resolution tools and has been provided free of charge to Interact Support to power our community mediation services. 

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Role in Mi Community Support Online.

MODRON powers our community mediation service.

Interact Support

Interact Support is a social enterprise style not-for-profit dedicated to preventing family violence and conflict by helping family members to resolve problems and issues early when there are disturbances to peace.

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Role in Mi Community Support Online.

Interact Support provides family dispute resolution and related services and supports the Mi Community Support Online program including:

  • Consultations – Family Law Options consultations that help to identify and establish family law goals and plans.
  • Family Dispute Resolution Services – Family Dispute Resolution for Parenting and/or Property / Finance issues via video meeting or phone
  • Video Mediation Expertise – the majority of the Interact Support team are experienced in Video Mediation or work in a co-mediation model where an experienced mediator who is not familiar with working online is supported by another mediator who is more comfortable with video meeting.
  • New Ways for Families -online post separation parenting program and the option of post separation parenting coaching support for parents in group or individual format. 
  • New Ways for Life -online and group coaching support for parents, teachers, youth workers and others to help young people with life skills related to managing emotions, behaviours, thinking and self-awareness to improve interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Other programs depending on identified need


FamilyProperty is a software solution for family law property settlements used by Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and Family Lawyers to streamline and simplify the process of collecting information, visualising proposals and documenting agreements. 

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Role in Mi Community Support Online.


FamilyProperty provide their software free of charge to Interact Support to assist us with family dispute resolution property settlement mediation. 

New Ways for Families is a post separation parenting program delivered fully online through a self-paced eLearning program.

New Ways for Families

The purpose of the course is to teach four big interpersonal skills and develop your understanding of child developmental needs and conflict resolution skills.

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Role in Mi Community Support Online.

New Ways for Families is available for all parents who are going through separation and divorce or are experiencing conflict in their parenting.  It is available with a “name your price” option for people experiencing hardship.