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Use our members map to find an accredited mediator (NMAS), registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Certified New Ways Coach or Certified Family Group Conference Facilitator near you.

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Professional Dispute Resolution Practitioner Member Options

Are you interested in joining Mediation Institute and being listed on the Mi Members Map?

Please review our member options below.

There are two price bands which depend on whether or not you are seeking National Mediator Accreditation through Mediation Institute

  • If you are seeking your NMAS accreditation through Mediation Institute there is an additional $100 fee on top of our membership fee. That means that NMAS Accredited mediators who use Mediation Institute as your RMAB pay $320 for two years.
  • All other members including NMAS Accredited Mediators who are accredited through a different RMAB pay only $220 for two years of membership with Mediation Institute.


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