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Congratulations to Mallee Family Care

Welcome and Congratulations to Mallee Family Care and your students for your commitment to the families in your region shown by training a team of your people in Family Group Conference Facilitation with Mediation Institute.

What is Family Group Conferencing?

Family Group Conferencing is an approach to working with families who are experiencing difficulties to assist them to meet, discuss the issues which have been identified with child protection, school, caseworkers or other workers and then gather as a family to come up with a plan to deal with the issues.

It turns the old approach of services led planning which is so disempowering, alienating and unsuccessful with many families, especially indigenous families where the true nature of the family may not even be understood by caseworkers, child protection workers and social workers.

The process of Family Group Conferencing is being strongly supported by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice in NSW where they have a panel of certified, independent Family Group Conference Facilitators who work with the families. This avoids the conflict of interest that often is believed to exist when meetings are facilitated by department staff.

Find out more about Family Group Conferencing.

What’s so special about Mallee Family Care?

They are ahead of the pack and being proactive about the use of this process in Victoria as well as with their NSW clients.

Find out more about Mallee Family Care and the work they do to support families in their region.

Interested in training to become a Family Group Conference Facilitator?

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Congratulations to Mallee Family Care

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