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by Ken Speakman | FDRP | C.dec

It has been awhile since I last updated everyone on what is happening at LECNA.

In previous episodes …

After discussions with the Mediation Institute team I approached LECNA with the concept of setting up a low cost mediation service to directly assist the ‘Working Poor’ and to add a few pennies to the LECNA coffers.

The key point that I believe made the deal irresistible was that I provided a succession plan via Mediation Institute Graduates. It , that is, it wasn’t just me providing a service, rather a group that provide the service – and as new graduates came along they could replace those mediators who were heading off to greener pastures.

Of course LECNA earning revenue was also important, especially after the recent federal funding cuts.

LECNA core concept, is to provide new NMAS graduates with a place to gain experience and for those completing the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution to intern under the supervision of a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

The LECNA Project is designed to replicate into other Community Centre’s, that are looking to raise funds and offer a valuable service to their community.

With the invaluable assistance of Leandra Dionysius and her tireless work in perfecting the documentation for use by LECNA, we are now starting to see potential clients coming forward. I would also like to thank Joanne Law and Paul Kenna for supporting this project and assisting Leandra with the documentation.

LECNA have been very busy promoting the service with featured articles in 2 local newspapers and B-Mag a glossy magazine distributed to all of Brisbane. They have also written to every solicitor in the area promoting the service, contacted every other community organization in the area – LECNA has been tireless in their marketing efforts.

Today’s episode …

From the extensive LECNA marketing campaign, LECNA have been approached by several very interesting people, including;

A senior Mediator …

A senior mediator (manager) from the Queensland Justice Department, who wants to assist LECNA by mentoring mediators, and document oversight (help ensure we have everything covered). I arranged for him to attend LECNA and do a mediation demonstration for LECNA staff, which was conducted on Wednesday night with about 12 people turning up, including a couple of MI students. His 25 years’ experience in mediation and conducting many thousands of mediations was awe inspiring to watch. The LECNA staff were very impressed, and now have a better understanding of what mediation is; this has renewed their determination to make the project succeed.

On a side note; I was very apprehensive before the demonstration, what if he mediates differently, so much so that, well get you get my concerns. Well to cut a long story short his demonstration was exactly how MI teaches us, and this reinforced with me how valuable and up to date MI training is – congratulations Joanne and her crew.

A funded FDR service …

Also, a LECNA staff had a long telephone conversation with federally funded FDR service, who approached LECNA to assist them in reducing their waiting list (which is starting to get out of control). This would be a coupe for LECNA, as it would instantly give LECNA huge credibility.

A North African Community leader …

Also a person an immigration consultant and community leader attended the demonstration. He is planning on becoming a NMAS Mediator to assist his community, and of course LECNA will get any FDR mediations he encounters.


It has been a fast paced ride getting LECNA to where it is, and with support coming from all directions then I can confidentially say that LECNA Mediation Services will succeed, and with that a place for graduates to hone their skills under the mentoring a fantastic and very experienced mediator.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ken.

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