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Members with skills and experience in coaching and soft skills training may be interested in collaborating on this tender

As part of the Department of Jobs and Small Business’s Research Agenda 2018-19, the Soft Skills research project seeks to trial an innovative approach to soft skills training for disadvantaged job seekers consistent with the principles from behavioural economics. The approach would teach soft skills in a broader context of achieving a meaningful life, and include discussion of a job seeker’s personal values, learning styles and comfort zones. The idea is to build motivation, confidence and resilience, and to encourage personal reflection in order to help job seekers achieve their broader life goals, including employment. Tenderers with experience in developing and delivering soft skills training are invited to collaborate with the Department’s Applied and Behavioural Economics Team to deliver this trial.

The Soft Skills project will adopt a Randomised Control Trial (RCT) methodology to evaluate the Tenderer’s soft skills training. The Department will finance the provision of soft skills training to approximately 300 job seekers whose outcomes will be compared to a control group who do not receive the training. Improved outcomes for the job seekers who received the training will provide robust empirical evidence that the training is effective.

The Tenderer will be responsible for sourcing one or more jobactive provider(s) who will supply job seekers for the purposes of the trial. With funding from the Department, the Tenderer will also be responsible for providing soft skill training to half of those job seekers. The preferred timeframe for the delivery of the soft skills training is from the 25th February 2019 to the 17th May 2019.

The Tenderer is also required to provide additional support to the Soft Skills research project including, but not limited to:
1. Sourcing reliable premises for the soft skills training in an efficient trial location;
2. Implementing changes to the training recommended by the Department;
3. Assisting in the collection of trial data including survey results; and
4. Answering questions from the Department relating to the delivery of the training during the compilation of a report of results.

If you don't feel that you can apply for this as an individual get in touch with Mi and we'll see if there are a group who are interested in putting in a combined tender. We'd be interested in being the lead to provide an organisational lead if that is of value.

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