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Date Posted: 18/02/2019
Expiry Date: March 21, 2019
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Job Level: Mid level
Years of Experience: 2
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The Department of Social Security has opened up a panel application for Contracted Decision Makers to provide contracted services to review and make decisions on Change of Assessment and Objection Applications regarding child support assessments.

Link to the Tender - https://www.tenders.gov.au/?event=public.atm.show&ATMUUID=598D1BDA-A3E2-034B-33AF5415F49B456B

Evaluation Criteria

1. Fair Decision Making

  • Demonstrated ability to analyse and resolve disputed evidence including financial information
  • Demonstrated understanding and application of interpretation and application of legislation, policy and operational procedures, administrative law principles and family law, particularly relating to the Child Support Scheme
  • Demonstrated decision-making skills to resolve complex and emotive issues.

2. Written Communication

  • Demonstrated ability to provide high level written communication skills, including the ability to research, analyse, distil and communicate, via written decision, high level complex concepts in a clear, accurate and professional manner.

3. Capability of offered personnel

  • Previous experience and skills of Offered Personnel including proposed Registrar’s Delegate.

4. Capacity to perform to the requirement

  • Demonstrated organisation and time management skills to meet timeframes.

5. Security of Information

  • Demonstrated ability to perform the Requirement in a secure work environment and prevent the disclosure of Customer Data.

6. Understanding of the Requirement

  • Demonstrated understanding of the Requirement including the role of a delegate of the Child Support Registrar and the risks to be managed in performing the Requirement.

7. Customer Service and Conflict Management

  • Demonstrate approach and ability to (a) manage customer expectations (b) explain to and influence customers to accept outcomes in a manner that minimises objections/appeals and/or complaints; (c) resolve conflict; and (d) achieve high-end complaint resolution.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the operations and culture of the Department and “Our Service Commitments”: (customer charter) and the objectives of the Child Support scheme. www.humanservices.gov.au/corporate/about-us/service-commitments/

8. Indigenous Participation

  • In evaluating Tenders, the Department will take into consideration the Tenderer’s proposed approach to (a) using Indigenous Enterprises in its supply chain; and (b) the employment of Indigenous Australians.
  • Note to Tenderers: A Tenderer that has no past experience with any mandatory minimum requirements will not be disadvantaged by this alone. Its response will be assessed on other actions it has taken in the past to increase Indigenous participation and on its proposed Indigenous Participation Plan.

9. Benefits to the Australian Economy

10. Price

  • pricing proposed by each Tenderer, including any discounts offered as set out in the Pricing Schedule in Attachment C to Schedule 3 (Information to be Included in Tenders).
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